Beats Antique Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for Ambitious New Stage Production

With 24 days of their Kickstarter campaign to go, electronic masterminds Beats Antique are making impressive headway towards their goal of raising $40,000 for their new and wildly ambitious stage production. The campaign was launched last week and has already raised over $24,000 – a testament to the strength of the trio’s creative vision as well as their dedicated fan-base.

Having made a name for themselves with their otherworldly brand of Electronic/World Fusion dance music, as well as their vivid and hypnotizing stage shows, Beats Antique are ready to break out the big guns for their Fall 2013 tour. Their new album A Thousand Faces - an epic and "genre-warping rock opera," inspired by Joseph Campbell's The Hero's Journey - will be accompanied by a massive, state-of-the-art stage production by Obscura Digital.

The Voice's Chevonne

If you're a die hard fan of NBC's Season 3 of "The Voice," you most likely remember Chevonne, the rocking soul scream machine. We watched as the quirky underdog made her way through three rounds when she finally got judges Cee Lo and Blake Shelton to turn during her blind audition when she sang "Brass In Pocket" by The Pretenders.

Being on Team Cee Lo, she easily impressed both Cee Lo and his team advisor, Matchbox 20's Rob Thomas as she nailed rehearsals for her battle round with Avery Wilson on the David Guetta ft. Sia song "Titanium." Although Chevonne didn't win the battle against her teammate, she was highly praised for her soaring high notes and bold stage moves. Her time wasn't over though when judge Christina Aguilera saved Chevonne with the new "coach steal" feature, applauding Chevonne for her flamboyant and exciting performance vibe.

Good Virus: Kindness is Contagious

It’s a tough world, nice guys finish last. There are plenty of sayings that are meant to prepare us for a mean world where success means being more underhanded than your predecessor. To many, there’s just no room for extra kindnesses, because kindness itself has become a weakness. This myth of kindness and generosity as things that are detrimental has kept people in fierce competition for years. The truth, however, is that people who reach out and help others are no more likely to fall behind in the world than peers who only look out for themselves. Dispelling the falsehood of self-interest getting people ahead is Good Virus, Kindness is Contagious.

Want to be on BLACK TAXI's new record?

Since recording their debut album 'Things Of That Nature', BLACK TAXI's video to the catchy opening track 'Shoeshine' has been featured on Virgin America's in flight entertainment network, alongside The Black Keys and Duran Duran. The Brooklyn based quartet have also been interviewed by MTV, NBC, ABC and PBS. They recently bolstered their profile by supporting Third Eye Blind at the opener of Stamford's Alive @ Five concert series in Connecticut.

It was only a matter of time before the fine foursome combined their creative minds and conjured up a whole bunch of new songs to share with the world, but they need your help! In order to make this happen they are counting on fans both new and old to pool their monetary resources until July 13 through the artist's innovative funding platform, Kickstarter.