Cheap + Chic: Hot Spring Shoes Under $50

Switching up the wardrobe for each season is essential. However, staying in style can get costly! With this spring’s wardrobe essentials much different from last season, those of us on a budget have to sift through all the various styles for cost-efficient duds that will keep us on trend but won't empty our pockets. So what is a girl to do? Why, go on a bargain hunt, of course!

Check out our list of hot spring shoes under $50 and remain fashionable while staying economical.


A Link Between Economics and Footwear?

Footwear choice for designer Marc Jacobs on the runway for the Fall 2010 fashion show was surprisingly, kitten heels. A bit unusual considering most fashion shows are a feat of physical and anatomical defiance as designers put their models in stilettos towering well above five or six inches. Why the sudden change in heel height? Wall Street has a theory.

According to the Wall Street Journal, there is a belief that there is a "relationship between sinking heels and the stock market". Apparently WSJ theorizes that designers feel that Americans would better forage through economic uncertainty in kitten heels than stilettos and that heel height should reflect economic stability. Does anyone actually believe that that was going through Marc Jacobs' mind while creating his fall line? Profit margins and sales might be a better explanation.

Whatever the cause, enoy the break ladies. Your feet will thank you.