NYFW Fall/Winter 2014: Day 3

Saturday February 8th

The lineup for Day Three is here at Joonbug. You've rocked the first two days , your feet are starting to hurt but you have some Cynthia Rowley bandaids to keep you looking fabulous!

You've survived two days of amazing fashion ! More to come today with this list!

Pencils ready?

...okay yeah , who uses pencils anymore...

Smartphones prepped? Okay, go.

Portugese designer Felipe Oliveira Baptista designs high profile french sportswear for Lacoste as the creative director. After being praised for working for MaxMara and Cerruti amongst others , Baptista has also collaborated with Nike and Uniqlo.

Your Wrists Are Bored: Liven Them Up with Bright, Bold Watches

Aside from being able to tell the time instantly , a bold and trendy watch is a fantastic way to complete a summer ensemble. Bright colored watches are definitely in this season and we've picked out 10 watches in dazzling colors that are sure to stand out from the crowd!


Adidas has always designed their signature watches in vibrant colors. Check out this eye-catching Adidas watch that will have you telling time in style.


Sweat Equity: A Guys Guide to Hitting the Gym in Style

Nowadays, being unfashionable at the gym seems almost blasphemous given the rise of stylish workout gear. It seems our favorite workout-ready brands have stepped up, giving us apparel and accessories we can be proud to sport. Feeling great and getting fit go hand in hand, so there's no reason you can be styling while you sweat. In case you’re still living by the throw-anything-on-nobody-notices motto, allow us to show you the sartorial light. (Because we notice...we just do.)


Unless you’re David Barton, Converse as workout shoes is a definite no. Not only do they make you look like you have no idea what you're doing, but they’re also not adding to your gym game. (Gym Game: ability to attract members of the opposite and/or same sex based on your physical workout gear and/or workout technique. Yes, it’s a thing.) If you want your workout gear to reflect the long hours you have put in, try swapping out whatever it is you’re currently calling gym shoes in favor of these options, the Nike Lunarglide+ 3 Breathe or the Nike Free Haven 3.0. Note: Vibram FiveFingers shoes scream I don’t want to get laid, ever.

Lacoste Fall 2012: Winter Wonderland

This past week, I got a chance to view the Lacoste Fall 2012 Collection from the American Express Skybox at Lincoln Center. This chic winter-infused experience designed by Felipe Oliviera Baptista, and influenced by the upcoming London Olympics definitely transported attendees to an incredible snowy wonderland. The runway set was complete with large plexi-glass boxes that blew snow made of feathers within them in order to create a magical winter scene that the models boldly strutted around as top editors took note.

The Lacoste collection began with sleek, athletic-inspired dresses adorned with zippers, bold-stripes and cold-weather ready hoods. I also loved the mixture of athletic looks and silhouettes made from leather, handsome men's coats in wool worn on gorgeous models and fun tweed-pieces featured towards the end of the show. Overall, the styles were both fashion forward and wearable at the same time.

Chic New Boutique Openings

What’s better than shopping your favorite brands, locally, in the city? Shopping your favorite brands at a brand spanking new retail space, of course! We’ve rounded up details on the latest new ventures, each bringing their own unique flair to various Manhattan neighborhoods. Crisp and clean, fresh and new, we guarantee these stores to be worth the trek around town.

Lacoste, a brand synonymous with preppy chic, brings their niche to a new market with a brand new store opening in Soho mall. The 4,700 square-foot space opened this past weekend featuring men’s, women’s, and children’s lines and the most extensive footwear assortment in the country. The “Croc’s new look downtown” is slightly less institutional and a bit more historical behind the cast iron fronted location. Colorful contemporary collections and accessories are plentiful; a 180-degree turnaround from the Footlocker that previously occupied the address. Located on one of the most trafficked streets in New York, the newest venture is expected to rank among the brand’s highest-grossing stores per square foot. The streamlined shopping experience at Lacoste remains and despite our appreciation, we’ve concluded OCD must be a requirement to work there.
541 Broadway (between Prince and Spring Streets); 212-219-9204

FNO NY 2011 Recap: SJP, Miss Piggy, and Foster the People

Throngs of people, bubbly popped and flowing, plastic swiped left and right--sound familiar? It should if you witnessed last night’s beautiful madness, and judging by the sheer amount of style conscious consumers, we are betting you did. With so many exciting events to choose from and industry celebrities to spot, we cursed the laws of physics for limiting our corporeal forms to only one place at a time! Here were our picks for the hottest spots of the night.

A top priority on our list, Manolo Blahnik was our first stop, and we were not the only ones with the idea! Shoe lovers and Sex in the City fans alike (who are we kidding, they are one and the same) lined the block all the way to 6th avenue for a potential moment with Ms. Manolo herself, Sarah Jessica Parker. Fighting the paparazzi was not an easy feat to catch a glimpse of SJP as she arrived, looking as chic as ever (seriously, the woman drinks from the fountain of youth) in a leather, laser-cut frock by Prabal Gurung and white, pointed-toe Manolos, of course. Sarah Jessica sat in the back of the store graciously signing autographs and shoes from the collection she co-designed with Manolo Blahnik. We also spotted Andre Leon Talley at the event sporting his signature caftan. Inside the store, guests tried on as many Manolos as their hearts desired amidst offerings of hors d’oeuvres and champagne by Il Gattopardo.

Do Men Want To Rule The Fashion Empire?

Let’s give the ladies a rest for now and let the men show off their unique looks and street style. Where to look is the question: Since the fashionable streets of New York are out of the question, San Francisco really has some lethal looks and for a change, they aren’t on women!

Men and fashion, is it a myth? Why, of course not! Women aren’t the only ones who primp before leaving the house each morning. Yes, women do spend a percentage of time in the powder room primping and polishing their physique, but it’s also vice versa for the gentlemen. What are men wearing today and how do women expect them to look? Shall it be a Hugo Boss, double breasted, high collared Pea coat, tossed with a $30 Van Heusen scarf or maybe just a rugged pair of boot cut jeans and that basic Calvin Klein v-neck tee lying on the floor? What is the eye candy on the streets? The preppy look, the rebel look, the Edward Cullen, urban-pop look or just Mr. Nice guy?

Accosted by Lacoste

Founded in 1933 and dubbed “The status symbol of the competent sportsman”, we have no conscious reason for the why the highly regarded brand has come to mind. Except for the fact that this spring we hope to see the famed crocodile gracing the chests of many of the world’s tennis players and fans alike.

Having always been a fan of the luxuries of leisure, we would be remiss if not to include the worldwide popular brand in the list of things we’d consider to be in this spring. From its finely tuned cardigans, to its jovial t-shirts watches and sunglasses, we think it’s more of the 80’s nostalgia of the brand that makes us smile the most.

Even our favorite "Jumper" Hayden Christensen, spokesperson for Lacoste's latest fragrance "Challenge", is in on it.