Mamba Social Media Mania

Social media, fondly branded the poor man's therapy session, offers the perfect medium to vent one’s personal frustrations, usually matched with the much needed empathy and support of complete strangers. However, in recent days, it's extended its reach to a not-so-poor man in Kobe Bryant. Following a season ending surgery to repair a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered during the final minutes of a must-win game against the Golden State Warriors, Bryant immediately turned to Facebook to air his frustrations, disappointment, despair, and palpable anger toward the worst injury of his career. While the Lakers continued their playoff chase, eventually securing a seventh seed in the Western conference, Bryant allowed the world an uncharacteristic bird's eye view into his life, his recovery, and the hilarity spawned from the boredom of a brilliant NBA superstar.

Vanessa & Kobe Bryant On Again

Lately there have been rumors of Vanessa and Kobe Bryant reconciling. Whether it is due to potentially losing $75 million, or simply real love, Kobe has been trying to win her back since the day she filed for divorce in December. The divorce is yet to be finalized, so it looks like there’s hope!

And, what better time to make up than on Valentine’s Day, right?! Well, now it’s official. Yesterday Vanessa came to the Lakers Game wearing a sexy red dress and fur coat. After the Lakers’ 86-78 win over the Atlanta Hawks, the two were caught kissing --with pictures to prove it! So, Lakers beat the Hawks, and Kobe kisses Vanessa. Looks like he won the game and the heart of his estranged wife.

Is Texas Ready for A Kardashian?

Khloe is truly down for Lamar!

Yesterday, Lamar Odom, who previously played for the Los Angeles Lakers, was traded to the Dallas Mavericks. Originally, Odom was supposed to play for the New Orleans Hornets, but plans changed at the last minute. But no fear Khloe is makin' the trip y'all!

Khloe expressed her sadness about the trade on Twitter, but overall seemed excited about moving to Texas.

Although Odom hasn't publically commented about the Mavericks trade, he did seem a bit upset when he called into a local ESPN radio station after first hearing rumors of a trade. Odom said "If it does happen, you know what I'm saying, I had a great time. I got to play in front of (rabid Lakers fan Jack Nicholson), meet Denzel (Washington). I found my wife in L.A., my family. The team, I had a lot of pride playing for them."

Ten Questions with Tepperberg

Amidst the whirlwind of his latest project, Dream Downtown, we were able to steal a few questions from owner, Noah Tepperberg. He and his partners at The Strategic Group have been the brains behind famous hotspots such as Marquee and Avenue in NYC as well as TAO and LAVO in Las Vegas. With the new unveiling of the acclaimed, Dream Downtown, they continue their reign on nightlife. After our interview with Noah last week, we wanted more --and so did everyone else! Without further ado, here's ten questions with Tepperberg.