The Ultimate Gingerbread House Display

Get in the holiday spirit by checking out the ultimate gingerbread house display at Le Parker Meridien. New York City bakeries, restaurants, and pastry chef's created unqiue one-of-a-kind gingerbread displays inspired by 'Landmarks Around the World.' The display will be in the hotel's atrium from December 1st through January 3rd. Patrons can view the magnificent display for free, but you can vote for your favorite gingerbread creation for a chance to win a hotel stay at Parker Palm Springs for $1/vote or $5/8 votes. The money raised from the display will benefit renowned hunger charity City Harvest.

NYC's Top Spots to Strut Your Trunks

For those sweltering days in the city, sometimes a cold shower just isn’t enough. Close your eyes and imagine your body submerged by a cool, refreshing water with the sun above you. Now, when you open your eyes and still find yourself in the grid of heat that is New York City, don’t despair! Here are the best pools to strip down for within the city limits.

Astoria Pool

Astoria Park, 19th St at 23rd Ave, Astoria, Queens (718-626-8623)

As the largest pool in the five boroughs, this outdoor swimming hole attracts a large crowd, therefore great for socializing. Admission is free and is a convenient destination for most city dwellers.