NYFW Fall/Winter 2014: Mark & Estel Rock the Runway!

Mark & Estel closed of the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in serious style! We thought nothing could top Betsey Johnson's cartwheels but we were mistaken! The music and fashion duo rocked the runway with their “Old World” Fall/Winter 2014 Collection.

As huge fans of the duo we were already on our feet with all the sneak peeks on Mark & Estels instagram and twitter feed all day!

Top 5 Trends for Fall
Fashion Meets Function

Every fashion-forward girl knows that the bag we choose to hang on our arm has the potential to make or break an entire ensemble and reveals a lot about our style. We've all fallen victim to trying to find our keys, lipstick and other necessities at a minute's notice in that giant abyss we call a bag. We've also been confronted with the painful (yet strangely satisfying) task of purging paychecks just to get our perfect arm candy. Luckily, we've found a nice selection of bags that take fashion, function and finance into consideration by designer labels Yiliy, LaLucca, Hammitt, and Oscar and Anna. Below, we've listed a couple of our favorites from each designer. Check out these awesome designers whose notoriety continues to increase as they continue to create wardrobe essentials.

The Man Behind the Manbag: Logan Zane

Greg Cummins, founder of Logan Zane, a handmade leather goods company in New York City, chats with Joonbug about his line. The company, founded in 2010, draws inspiration from the art deco period, using quality materials, and made right here in America. Cummins created the collection out of his own necessity for a quality bag. He created The Remsen, a camouflage leather backpack, and within weeks of sporting it, people began to notice. Thus began Logan Zane. This company sets itself apart from the rest with its simple sophistication. Unlike some other designer brands, Logan Zane's classic design can withstand the test of time--both with durability and style. See what Greg has to say about Logan Zane.

Stay Warm in Style: A Glimpse into Fall Outerwear

Just because the weather outside is hot and humid doesn't mean we aren't sitting here dreaming about sipping pumpkin spice lattes on a crisp fall day in the park. And part of that dream includes us sporting a great fall jacket to keep us looking cool while staying warm. From chunky knits, to chic wool jackets and furry parkas; the runways were full of trendy options to keep you from catching a chill as the weather turns. Here are our top five picks for fall outerwear from some of our favorite designers. Read on to get a jump start on your fall wardrobe shopping as we show you where you can shop similar pieces right now on the cheap!

Sweet & Chic: Resort 2013 Trends to Wear Now

The Resort 2013 runways were filled with a huge assortment of trends. From wild prints, to cut-out pieces, and leather—designers had fun mixing it up for us. Below we show you some of the hottest trends of the season and how to get the look right now for less!


Though it might not be your first choice for warm weather, leather was all over the runways for Resort 2013. So ease it into your wardrobe as temperatures drop in the upcoming months and it will be your go-to trend to hold you over between Fall and Spring. We saw this tough textile make appearances in shorts, shifts, and even short sleeve shirts.

A Star is Born: Tan Mom Fires Back at Snoopy...err Snooki

Tan Mom went on another rampage today when paparazzi asked her what she thought about Snooki calling her crazy on Extra yesterday. Tan Mom, mistakenly referring to the Jersey Shore reality show trainwreck as "Snoopy" fired back with, "She's the biggest a**hole in the world. She's fake, she's fat, her t*ts are fake, she's disgusting." Her rant concluded with, "When this is all said and done, I'd like to meet up with 'Snoopy!'"

Someone should probably warn Snoopy to book it if he sees a catcher's mitt-like lady running towards him.

Lovely Winter Leather

Work the shorts trend this winter with these adorable leather lace trimmed shorts by Alice by Temperley. Pair with leggings and your favorite wedge booties or heels, and you're set!

Care For What You Wear

Fall and winter often offer some of the best fashions abound for those of us that reside in cold climate regions. One reason being the range of fabrics available in said fashions. Thicker, heavier, and softer materials are ideal for lower harsher temperatures. And as a result, it's easy to forget that the materials working so hard to protect us from the elements need a bit of protection for themselves. So we're going to tell you how you can protect and care for your favorite fall/winter pieces in leather, suede, velvet, and cashmere.

Leather, as durable a fabric as it is, will last that much longer if treated properly. For new leather pieces, apply a waterproofing spray as a preventative measure against staining, and then dry in a cool place. It is very important that leather stays hydrated. To ensure that your leather stays hydrated, condition it with leather lotion - yes that exists - and allow wet leather to air dry instead of applying direct heat. Waterproof, air dry, and lotion your leather approximately every three months for continued results, and never store it in plastic! Rub away a scuff mark with a gum eraser. However, if the mark remains simply mask it with an indelible felt marker or crayon in a matching color. For those salt stains on your boots, wipe them clean with a solution of one cup water and one tablespoon white vinegar.

Street Style: Leather Saves the Day

Phillies fans painted the streets red this weekend showing off true Philadelphia pride. These friends, however stood out in the crowd by dawning sharp leather looks that promise to add flair to any look this fall season. Dressed in an otherwise neutral palette, one pop of color from a yellow scarf or a purple shirt keeps these looks fun as well as sophisticated. In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Christina wore a silver pendent leaf necklace she got from the breast cancer website, which she made sure to emphasize.

Christina: Scarf- Urban Outfitters; Jeans and shirt- Forever 21; Silver leaf necklace- Breast cancer website; Boots- Steve Madden