All Access Pass: SIIINES @ Bowery Electric on 4/14

SIIINES transcended NYC's Bowery Electric this past Monday night, and basked in the glow of not one, but two major music genre spotlights; rock ‘n’ roll and EDM! Hailing from Los Angeles, the trio; Traviiis Triiip, Morgan Morgan, and DJ Gene (not pictured), blend aggressive rock 'n' roll rhythms with EDM instrumentals to create some colossally trail-blazing electro-rock!

After descending the stairs into the basement of Bowery Electric, we pushed our way through a thick black curtain which led us into the intimate Room. Immediately, our senses were assaulted by the smells of dust, cigarettes, and beer. We huddled in closely to see SIIINES quietly constructing their entirely Plexiglas set. Morgan stood to the left, his brows furrowed as he skillfully tuned his transparent guitar, while Traviiis skittered around the modest stage, arranging heaps of wires which endlessly streamed from their equipment.

Album Review: Deap Vally, "Sistrionix"
Review: BPM Showcase @ Mexicali Live on 12/8
Exclusive Interview with Rising NYC Band Lo Primo

Representing all that is the Big Apple's eclectic musical scene, Lo Primo is an eight-piece musical collective that plays what they like to call “Bodega Soul”: electro-Caribbean jams with roots in hip-hop, electronica, rock, merengue, salsa, and bachata.

This past Saturday, December 10th, Lo Primo held a free concert and event titled 'Sewn Sounds" at East Village venue Drom (85 Avenue A), where they performed along with another up & coming band Delexilio, who most recently had a presence at the 12th Annual Latin Grammys Street Parties. "Sewn Sounds' was a colloborative effort between the bands and urban streetwear line Wildboy! Clothing, who released items from their new Winter line. To check out a full recap of the event, be sure to stay tuned to and visit to check out the new threads!

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience Hits the Road Next Week

While the songs of legendary classic rockers Led Zeppelin have been tucked away in the tombs of musical history, they'll soon get a new life on the stage. Jason Bonham, son of Zeppelin's late drummer John Bonham, will be taking his "Led Zeppelin Experience" on a special east coast run, reconnecting fans with the music that his father helped create for decades.

The "Led Zeppelin Experience" is far from a cash-in on the seminal rockers' household name. Part tribute, part history lesson, Bonham combines a mesmerizing light show with some of his personal archived video footage of the band, turning the "Experience" into more than just one of rock's best cover sets. One of the concert's poignant moments is a duet of "Moby Dick" that Jason performs with his late father via video screens. Bonham revives "In The Light," which Zeppelin never played live, in addition to big hits such as "Rock n' Roll" and "Lemon Song."

A Big Welcome Back to Royalton Covers

Royalton Hotel is bringing back Royalton Covers -- a Wednesday and Thursday night event that will take place each week until January, and feature rock, pop, and soul cover bands. Zip to Forty Four, the hotel's lux lobby bar and sip on their specialty cocktail, The Seven Spiced Cider ($14, apple cider, Sailor's Jerry, pineapple juice, lemon juice, honey syrup, cinnamon stick, nutmeg, allspice, clove, star anise), which will be offered exclusively during the Royalton Covers. Check out the awesome line-up they've got for October:

Mixtape Mondays: Brooklyn is Burning, Inertia is Creeping and Someone Needs to Gimme Shelter!
Hello faithful cherubs! Are you all digging the new Joonbug website? New layout, new flow and new feel. If you haven’t already noticed, another change that has happened here is the renaming of my column. Favorite Tune Fridays is BEAT, y’all. Mixtape Mondays has taken over, crowned itself and, basically going to do the same thing, but just under a new moniker. It’s cool, right? Please don’t make me break out Shakespearean quotes about roses to convince you otherwise...Onward!

Head Automatica – Brooklyn is Burning

Head Automatica came to me in my freshman year of high school. I was sitting in my sister’s car, waiting to see what the music would be for our ride to some unremembered errand. She was dating a skateboarder at the time, and her musical selection at times, much to my dismay, mirrored that. When she popped in Head Automatica, the first song that played was “Beating Hearts Baby” – which, I think, I initially was thinking, “Good God, more scream-y, whine-y punkish music? Really?” because that's totally not my scene, not my taste, and certainly something I have almost zero patience for. But by the end of the song I was slowly betraying my premature reluctance and noticed that, PERHAPS, my foot was tapping along to the beat. But when “Brooklyn is Burning” came on, I was so completely into it and, not wanting to seem overly-impressed with my sister’s music choice, (why do siblings do that?!) I casually asked her, “Who is this, again?” Head Automatica, ah, okay. Never heard of them…

Almost six years later, I’m still very much into the song. As I write this column while listening to it, I’m currently trying to keep myself from getting up and dancing around. Head Automatica has this very impressive ability to blend rock with punk and pop in a way that is not convoluted, annoying or unsuccessful. It’s a great way for me to get an eclectic mix of sounds and genres all within one song. Something like “Brooklyn is Burning” could be played in a club, bar or party. It has that mold-able sound that can fit anywhere. Will it fit for you?

Massive Attack – Inertia Creeps

Welcome to the first of many, many, many Massive Attack entries. They are one of my top five favorite artists, and so many of what I find to be the greatest songs in the world have been birthed by them. My first introduction to the band came from, I believe, randomly watching MTV one day and catching the middle part of the music video for “Teardrop”. Whoever I was watching television with at the time changed the channel before the end credits could show, so I had no idea what the name of the song was or whom it was by, but I remember the vocals, lyrics and sound start to etch their place in my head, igniting the flames of love that now burn with crazy fervor for this amazing band.

A few years later, the movie Go came out. My sister and I rented it one night and discovered another gem of theirs on the movie’s soundtrack – “Angel.” Although I didn’t run out and buy their album that night, I became aware of them as a band and their strength in alluring Trip Hop that kept latching its relentless hooks in my young and impressionable taste.

Around the same time, Victoria’s Secret aired a commercial that used “Inertia Creeps,” a sexy, drum-heavy song, pulsing with provocative lyrics, as a backdrop to one of their new lingerie ad campaigns. Once again, Massive Attack was inadvertently colliding with my ears and it was getting to the point where enough was enough: I WANTED IN.

It wasn’t until 2000 or 2001 that I actually bought their album, Mezzanine. It was one of the first CDs that I remember purchasing on my own. It was winter and a few days after my family and I had taken one of our much-anticipated trips into Manhattan to sightsee (i.e. be tourists), so I always associate Massive Attack – or, at least, that album - with my childhood craving to live in the city – even now, as I currently live here.

Rachel's Taqueria: Not Exactly Lighting My Fire

Rachel's Taquiera
408 5th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(718) 788-1137

This past weekend, a girlfriend of mine and I headed out to Park Slope in search of a new restaurant to add to our list of favorites. Forever frequenting the same Mexican joint right by her apartment, we were in desperate need of an untried taste and an unvisited place to avoid treading the slippery slope of the dreaded dining slump. Walking down 5th avenue, we happened upon a place called Rachel's - a neon red signed joint, with fiery red light flames. We talked it over, and three "hot cha chas" later we were through the flaming doors and looking the place over from the inside.

A Semi Precious Echo

In a week when tickets for Aerosmith's August concert at Fenway Park sold out, despite a guarantee from the Toxic Twins that they would even be speaking, it is clear that Boston's rock cognoscenti don't want to miss a thing. Over the next few weeks, Beantown will be treated to a variety of musical treats such as Public Image Limited, Massive Attack, Angels and Airwaves and Corinne Bailey Rae will all be stopping in to say hello.