New Video For Sandro Silva's 'Let Go Tonight'

The 22-year-old rising Dutch producer/DJ, Sandro Silva released his Let Go Tonight EP on Ultra Music last month and the label is celebrating the release with a brand new video for the title track, "Let Go Tonight" featuring Jack Miz.

As the title track it nicely showcases Sandro’s experience and capabilities as a songwriter. The song features Jack Miz’s vocals over a commanding hook and deft production. On a random night out there are possibilites for just about anything. “Let Go Tonight” plays out one man’s fantasy for the night as he documents it through photos and video.

Watch the video below and get your copy of “Let Go Tonight” now on Beatport.

Sandro Silva To Release New EP

Another Dutchman is quickly earning props for his versatile sounds. Sandro Silva could easily beam with veteran status in the electronic music space. He's been making music since 2006 at the mere age of 16 when the "EDM movement" was quietly awaiting it's immense take over on Generation Y.

Now at 22, the Dutch star will release his “Let Go Tonight” EP on Ultra Music. The first track from the EP, “Libra" has already made its way into sets from the world’s biggest DJs. And how can you refuse it’s gorgeous instrumental set? Grab it here on Beatport.