Weekend Pick: Ellie Goulding at Echostage

When: Sunday, March 16th, 7pm

Steve Angello and Third Party to collaborate

The stardom that surrounds the dance music industry has raised its idols to unbelievable heights over the past decade alone. Those who stand at the forefront of this impulse driven, energy rich world are casted on a life-time journey of unimaginable proportions.

Fireflies on the Water

It’s finally the weekend. It’s time to kick back, relax, and maybe let the world move around you. There’s no better way to introduce a little calm and wonder today than to take a look at the work of Yayoi Kusama. The Japanese artist and writer has worked with just about every medium, but lately her focus has been colorful, cool, and fascinating work revolving around space and patterns. Kusama has moved from polka dots to fireflies in her latest installation, and the results are mesmerizing.

Bright LIGHTS in Big Cities

Canadian beauty, Lights, (born Valerie Anne Poxleitne) took time out from her non-stop touring to sit down with us and answer some questions – but these weren’t just any questions, we took to Twitter to ask fans what they wanted her to talk about. The response was overwhelming.

However, when sitting down with the 25-year-old electro-pop star, Lights seemed the furthest from overwhelmed. There had already been a plethora of fans lined outside New York City's Irving Plaza – some whom had even started chanting “Lights” over and over, knowing the show was still five hours away. Lights’ response to the madness? “I love my fans, they’re some of the most dedicated people out there.” Judging from the hundreds of questions that plagued Twitter, it's safe to say they love her too. Below are just a handful of the different ones that poured in.

Lights Shines at Irving Plaza

Canadian electro-pop musician, Lights continued her slew of tours, making a pit stop at Irving Plaza April 20. However, any concertgoer that hadn’t checked her tour dates before hand would have assumed this was her kick-off show. You will be hard pressed to find a musician with this much energy and charisma onstage.

Opening the show with her new single “Banner,” Lights bounced onstage ready to go – and remained that way the entire hour and a half. With a good mix of songs from her latest endeavor “Siberia” and debut album “The Listening,” Lights covered all the fan favorites and kept the crowd ringing in the applause and chanting.

Lights Gets Gritty on 'Siberia'

Lights has come a long way from being featured in Old Navy commercials, and her sophomore album "Siberia" is a testament to that.

While most artists are bogged down by the sophomore curse, Lights used this opportunity to tweak her sound into a more gritty, dub-step twist of what fans are used to. While "The Listening" was more of a light, galactic take on pop music, "Sibera" sounds more raw, hard and loud (most noticeably on tracks like “Flux and Flow” and “Fourth Demension.”)

Lights hasn't completely abandoned her original sound though; she still sings as sweet as she's known for and penned the quirky and fun lyrics. What makes "Sibera" so fresh is this exact combination of light vocals and deep beats.

Rising Solo Artists Blazing Their Own Path

Being in a band or group is cool, but who really wants to share the spotlight, or even the free M&M's provided backstage? Many artists reach the stars on their own, whether its after former musical adventures or years of grinding their way to the top. Here are some of modern music's best and brightest who prove that going it alone isn't such a bad thing.

While his allegiance with rising hip-hop collective Odd Future may have put his name on the map, prodigal R&B crooner Frank Ocean is no slouch by himself. He's written songs for Justin Bieber, John Legend, and Brandy, and recently made a guest spot on Jay-Z and Kanye West's mega-collaboration Watch the Throne. With a hit single "Novacane" and an inevitable full-length record coming, expect Frankie to stay in the spotlight, whether it's with or without his buddies.

A chat with 'The Street Is In The House' artist Carlos Sampietro

Carlos Sampietro, born in Lake Como, Italy, moved from the advertising industry to the arts. Don't worry about getting bored while looking at his collection, "The Street Is In The House," is truly unique. Sampietro's motto for the exhibit is "There is beauty in something that has been in the street for so long."

Pictured above, is one of Sampietro's police barrier tables. The artist wanted to bring something that is normally scary and used to separate people, and turn it into something that will bring people together. Many of his works use similar elements -- transforming an item from the street into something beautiful and something that makes a statement about society.

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