Gareth Emery's New Album 'Drive' Is Out Now

The wait is finally over, and it has almost been longer than the trip that inspired the album. Gareth Emery's second full-length studio album, Drive, is out today (April 1st) on Garuda, and it's taking the country by storm, just like its producer did. After his initial singles-- 'U' featuring Bo Bruce and 'Lights and Thunder' featuring Krewella --received tremendous early support and gained insane popularity, it seemed like Drive was destined for greatness, and it did not disappoint.

Another Year In The Biz

For over a decade, Biz Martinez has put together some of Miami's most memorable parties. This Thursday, South Beach's crowned jewel, LIV nightclub, prepares to celebrate the birthday of its music director, with the aid of Dutch superstar Nicky Romero, for the second year in a row.

Opening the show is producer Don Diablo - you may know him from his 2012 hit record "Light's Out" featuring Angela Hunte, and his work as an ambassador for Dance4Life. He's been making bounds in the music world since and we couldn't imagine a better act to lead us into Romero's signature high-octane and unpredictable sets. We're curious to hear what the Dutch powerhouse have in store for us, whether its full-throttle electro or some of the tech-ier sounds they've explored in the past.

Nicky Romero's Debut Performance At Space Miami
Mednas: Miami's Golden Child Talks House, Vinyl, and His Biggest Critics

Morroccan-born DJ and producer Mednas has spent over a decade familiarizing himself with the electronic music scene by spinning around the world. He sat down with Joonbug to discuss house music over some hookah on Lincoln Road, and gave us the scoop on how he came to be resident for LIV Miami, one of the world's most lucrative nightclubs.

How long have you been DJing and producing?

Mednas: I’ve been DJing for almost 16 years now, since ’96. Producing, for the past six years.

Miami: Weekend Revelry

Congratulations, Miami. You feel good? You've got this whole NBA Finals victory on your back, and now Independence Day is afoot. It's a perfect storm of dancin' and boozin'. We've got an extended calender of parties all weekend long, so shower off the beach and hit some dance floors.

When: 11pm-5am

Where: LIV Nightclub, 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

When: 11pm- 5am

Where: Wall Nightclub, 2201 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

When: 11pm-5am

Where: Arkadia, 4441 Collins Ave, Miami Beach.

When: 11pm-5am

Where: SET, 320 Lincoln Rd. Miami Beach.

A-Trak's Fool's Gold Clubhouse returns to Dirty Hairy at LIV
Joonbug is excited to be back working at LIV at Fontainebleau Miami Beach, and for our first Dirty Hairy Wednesday night, we are excited to announce that A-Trak will be in the building. A-Trak has done a series of Fool's Gold Clubhouse events at LIV, and this Wednesday is set to be another epic evening. LIV always attracts the best of the best, and with a superstar like A-Trak in the building, we expect nothing different. Supported by Dirty Hairy residents Ruen, Contra & Jessica Who, please call ahead to work and let them know you will probably be showing up late on Thursday. For VIP reservations, please contact Brett@Joonbug.com or 516-808-5371.
Club Dudes Get in Twitter Fight

Twitter has become the new "airing of grievances" Festivus pole. Got beef? Take it to Twitter in 140 characters or less like a real adult! Geez, get with it people. Private disputes are sooo 2005. It's all about public displays of disgruntled social media brevity. I mean, even Lady Gaga Nicki Minaj knows this!

WMC Tuesday Party Roundup: Steve Aoki, Nervo and more!

Tuesday boozeday is quickly approaching, giving us yet another reason to rage face from sunrise to sunset. Here’s a list of the hottest parties happening:

The full lineup is as follows:

This family-love night takes place at Mokai, one of the hardest clubs to get into on South Beach, so make sure to purchase your tickets ahead of time! For a special discount on tickets, use groupcode: JOONBUG.

Holiday Happenings & Other Hot December Events In Miami

Dubstep is taking over Miami this December and there's plenty more to do before 2011 is over.

Suénalo, dubbed 'Miami's Best Latin Band' by the New Times, is performing at The Lucky Clover Irish Pub in Little Havana. The eclectic 9-piece group has created their own unique musical recipe of Afro-Carribean mixed with Latin and a dash of funky Jazz. The show is free this Friday, December 15th and starts at 9PM but get there early to grab a good seat (Happy hour starts at 4PM).

If you feel the ground trembling this weekend, don't freak out - it's just the deep, dirty bass of dubstep's posterchild pulsating throughout the beach. The one & only Skrillex will be performing Saturday, December 17th at 7:30 PM at the Fillmore. Tickets are expensive, but still available at StubHub. [If you haven't seen it yet, check out his nasty new video for First Of The Year (Equinox) here.]