2014 Grammys Wrap Up: Nominations, Performances, and Wins

Every year, the Grammys can always be counted on to be jam packed with some of the most spectacular performances and surprising award wins of the year, and 2014's show was nothing short of just that. This year, the 56th annual Grammy Awards proved to be a celebration of music past, present, and future, with host LL Cool J guiding the night through it's incredibly diverse music collaborations and dynamic performances. It was only right, then, for the Queen B herself, Beyonce, and music mogul husband Jay Z to start the show off right with a slick and sexy performance of 'Drunk In Love' that made sure everybody was going to "be all night."

The Grammys: First Round Of Performers Announced

Just one month away, The 55th Annual Grammy Awards is spanning out to be the most anticipated awards show of 2013. According to the Grammy's Twitter handle, the first round of performers for music's biggest night were announced and include Mumford and Sons, Taylor Swift, and Rihanna. The guys from fun., and The Black Keys will be performing for the first time as well.

Fun. and Mumford & Sons are two of six artists this year who lead with six nominations and are both up for the Best New Artist award. Two-time Grammy winners The Black Keys nabbed five noms while five-time Grammy Award winner Rihanna and six-time Grammy winner Taylor Swift each scored three nominations. Safe to say this is a solid line up of musical talent and will be the key ingredient of the overall night, however, we're still crossing our fingers that an electronic music act could earn a spot in the coveted Grammy performance line up. Hey, we can only hope, right?

What Has Happend To Hip Hop Music???

I don't like change. And while I'm an adult and have come to accept that change is enevitable and nothing is forever, good and bad. I can not forsee for the life of me the music industry especially my beloved hip hop getting any better any time soon. Don't get me wrong there are a handful of legends still around.
For this particular article I'm going to focus on the hip hop industry. You have your Jay Z, Eminem legends in the game. Then you have guys like Dr. Dre who are still constantly working behind the scenes ( Eminem's Relapse, and Recovery album as well as songs off 50's album) but don't drop an album but every 10 years. After that what do you have ?
Lil Wayne who is upper class as far as hip hop goes these days, but guys like him and T.I., who I believe to be one of the best pure lyricest today, don't really focus on music. They would rather keep it real or jump to movies or try some other medium. As a hip hop fan this is frustrating because I can remember N.W.A. or Ice Cube coming out with records every 6 months ! Now it seems we have to wait a year and a half sometimes just to get something new.

Stars Set To Honor MJ In CBS Concert

It’s almost unbelievable that it has almost been a year since the King of Pop, Michael Jackson passed away. Friday marks a year and in tribute to the King, The Early Show on CBS will be having live performances from Christina Aguilera, Marc Anthony, LL Cool J, and more. In a recent interview, the stars spoke a bit about Michael and their memories of him. Christina Aguilera explained, "Music wouldn't be what it is without someone like Michael Jackson. I remember going to my high school talent show singing 'The Way You Make Me Feel' and being a huge fan of his album Bad. I know all my dancers wouldn't be behind me dancing if it weren't for that." Marc Anthony shared similar thoughts, "A Michael Jackson comes around literally once in a lifetime. They break the mold and I think there're people who just sacrifice their life, their personal life all for the arts. That's what Michael did; he sacrificed his life for the arts."

Your Fifteen Minutes Are Up!


Ey, never thought we'd have to thank Canada for anything, but these season finale episodes are definitely worth it! THANK YOU

Other attention-directing gossip:

Ashley Olsen emergency landing - United Airlines flight was forced to take an emergency landing because of a fire in the cockpit, but all is safe.

LL Cool J at MGM Grand

Saturday marked the season's grand opening of MGM Grand's Wet Republic hosted by heartthrob LL Cool J. LL's cool demeanor never faltered in the sweltering 88 degree heat. Wearing indigo shades,a newsboy cap, t-shirt, jeans and Gucci sneakers, LL sure stood out from the crowd of ladies wearing practically nothing at all.

But while the NCIS: Los Angeles star might not have been showing all that much skin, he did display his sexiest asset: that perfect smile.

'We Are The World' Starts Recording With Big Stars

Quincy Jones has been asked to remake ‘We Are The World' countless times over the past 25 years and every time it has been quickly shot down. Only after the devastation in Haiti was Quincy inspired to re-make the classic and just like 25 years ago, it's going to be big ... real big!

More than 80 musical artists joined forces at Henson Studios in Los Angeles on Monday to start recording the epic classic. Quincy Jones will be producing along with Will.I.Am and RedOne, and RedOne couldn't be more pleased to help, "Having Quincy, our father of music ... and Lionel Richie asking me to contribute and help, I said of course, because this is not about me," he said. "It's about Haiti."

Amanda Blank at Santos Party House

You can add Amanda Blank to the list of badass chicks I'm obsessed with.

It's no secret that I'm big fan of girl power in the music industry, so it's unfortunate that when I hear the words "white female rapper," my mind immediately thinks the act must be gimmicky. But Blank is no gimmick. This girl is for real. At Santos Party House on Friday night, Blank put all my preconceived notions to shame with her undeniable talent as a rapper. She can spit as good as any of the boys, though I doubt any of her male contemporaries would look as good in a tiger-print teddy and sequined bra.

KISS, Chilli Peppers, and Genesis Among Hall of Fame Nominees

The music industry is abuzz with talk over the recent nominations for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. An iconic list of first-time nominees includes KISS, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, LL Cool J, Jimmy Cliff, and Genesis. Among those previously nominated who have yet to become indoctrinated are ABBA, Donna Summer, the Stooges, and the Chantels. Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a prestigious, lifetime achievement for any musician.