Rosemary's at The Brooklyn Grange

If you’re partial to local food, be sure to check out The Brooklyn Grange on August 28th. Chef Wade Moises (of Rosemary’s) will be preparing and a four- course tasting menu using just-harvested Grange produce and sustainable, locally sourced meats. Rosemary’s, which hosts a Brooklyn Grange-built farm on its own roof, will be celebrating the flagship rooftop farm in this exciting collaboration.

Moises draws from his experience working with seasonal produce and lends his dishes the unique, Tuscan-inspired flavors of the Greenwhich Village Trattoria. Featured offerings on the night’s menu include aged tuna crudo with cucumber-jalapeño puttanesca and sungold tomato jam, Italian kale slaw, and Bagna Couda roof-made mozzarella. All four courses are complimented by Italian wine pairings.

Chef Paula da Silva Offers New Seasonal Dishes at 1500º

Chef Paula da Silva of 1500º in the Eden Roc has been one South Florida chef who has been on the forefront of the farm-to-table concept since the restaurant opened a few years ago. Bringing diners the freshest and most local products available, Chef Paula also has a way of blending these ingredients in ways that can sometimes surprise and at other times conjure memories of enjoying grandma’s (or abuela’s) comfort food. There always seems to be an innovative twist to everything she puts on the menu, and this innovation has garnered the attention of Esquire magazine in 2011, which named 1500º one of the best new restaurants in America that year. Ever since then, we have been enjoying some of her menu staples like a perfectly roasted half chicken, meltingly tender pork belly tacos, and perhaps one of the silkiest octopus tentacles to be had in Miami. Last month, Chef Paula introduced some new seasonal items to the menu that continue to demonstrate her ability to expertly source and prepare local produce, as well as showing off some new techniques and new ingredients.

Cocktails And Desserts From A Tropical Eden

Locavore. That seems to be the word on the proverbial gastronomic street these days, and chefs seem to be going to great pains to bring diners produce, meats, cheeses, honeys, and libations that are as local as possible. However, it seems as if Sundy House in Delray Beach has every farm-to-table restaurant in South Florida beat when it comes to shrinking the space between where a restaurant sources its produce and its final destination on a diner's plate. Anyone who hasn't been to Sundy House (read review here) is in for a an unforgettable and almost enchanted experience. The property, which features a boutique hotel and exquisite restaurant, is a tropical oasis just off the main drag of downtown Delray Beach, which is perhaps one of the most culturally and culinarily vibrant areas north of MiMo. Perhaps the most unforgettable part of Sundy House are its tropical gardens featuring dozens of edible flora, some of which are even new to the most seasoned horticulturist.

NYC's First Vegetarian Food Festival This Weekend!

If you're free this Sunday, April 3rd from 10am-6pm, get yourself to the first annual NYC Vegetarian Food Festival at the historic Altman Building in Chelsea. In case you haven't noticed, there has been a huge movement to adopt vegetarian habits--even if only once a week. Whether it be for health, environmental, or economic reasons, there's definitely something to be said about going meatless!

So for all you foodies, locavores, vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians, this is the event for you! Come by and celebrate the deliciousness and creativity of vegetarian food and cruelty-free living. Sarah Gross, founder of Rescue Chocolate, and Nira Paliwoda, event planner and foodie, believe that this type of event is a must for NYC, a city of conscientious eaters.

It's Not Easy Being Green

Living in a city that is arguably the culinary capital of the world, it’s hard enough on the conscience (and waistline) to enjoy the amazing variety that markets and restaurants have to offer while also maintaining an overall “healthy” lifestyle. Counting calories, keeping track of good fats and bad fats, what’s low-carb, no-carb… Overwhelming doesn’t begin to cover it. In today’s carbon footprint-conscious world, being a foodie and also sustaining a socially acceptable level of green existence can be downright dizzying. Luckily, experts have done the research necessary to provide us lovers of all things edible with the necessary information to make politically-correct decisions when it comes to enjoying food.