Scenetracker's Official Gift Guide

You've been here before. Your office's Secret Santa exchange is underway, and once again you're stuck with the creepy guy in Accounting. Or you've checked off all of your family members' names from your list...except your wild and crazy cousin. Or maybe you're just looking for the perfect gift for your significant other.

Joonbug's got you covered. Whether it's for the bro pack or the travelbug, we've come up with our best bets for a great gift-giving season. Just find out what your unsuspecting recipient is into, and we'll take it from there.

Funky Fourth of July Gadgets

So you’re all grown up and ready to host your first Fourth of July celebration. Your folks have sent you off into the world with fond memories of patriotic plates and cups, cheesy Uncle Sam costumes, and long waits far far away from the grill, where they may as well have been hosting a meeting of spies centered solely around cooking meat. You’ve got adult taste now and disposable income. You have friends that won’t be entertained by flag themed utensils or a red, white, and blue wig until their fourth beer.

Until that sweet, sweet, moment you’re going to need some supplies. Get your grill out of the closet and dust it off. We’ve collected a few affordable gadgets that might add some flair this Fourth of July:

Ice, Ice, Baby