Louro to Offer Captain America & Game of Thrones Dinners

Winter may have officially ended last week, but Mother Nature seems to be resisting the tides of change. Just last night, NYC experienced flirtatious flurries, which was no shock at all, despite the fact that we are swiftly approaching April. Winter 2014 has been one for the books with snowstorm upon snowstorm, arctic temps that lasted for days, and winds that would frighten the Titans. That being said, it seems perfectly fitting that we should honor and celebrate it; Chef David Santos is doing just that.

Following a theme of winter, these menus will honor both the new film, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and the fourth season of Game of Thrones, which sports the tagline, “Winter is Coming.” Each dinner will be offered on different dates, and guest who attend both (March 31st and April 7th) will save 25% on the second dinner.

Event Review: Mardi Gras at Louro!

On Monday, March 7th, a day known as Fat Tuesday, was honored to sit at Chef Dave Santos’s table in his West Village restaurant, Louro, where we had the privilege of experiencing his Mardi Gras-themed “supper club” dinner. Consisting of 7 fabulous cocktail-paired courses inspired by authentic New Orleans cuisine, the dinner lived up to every expectation, and the inviting atmosphere kept us warm on the cold winter night.

Every Monday, Santos creates a dinner menu tailored to a theme he is inspired by. This fabulous idea revolutionizes the restaurant experience and stems from the success of his Um Segredo supper club, which he originally held in his home in Roosevelt Island. When Santos wanted to bring his Nossa Mesa supper club dinners to Manhattan, he considered the weekend, but rethought it after seeing the dinner rush it typically entailed, and eventually decided on Monday nights. He also decided he would feature 5 to 7 courses, inspired by everything from specific ingredients like uni, to cultural touchstones such as Game of Thrones, Captain America, and Mad Men. The dinners are BYO and typically range in price from $65 to $75. On this particular Monday night, in honor of Mardi Gras, Santos chose a menu that consisted of traditional New Orleans flavors, and paired it with fantastic cocktails designed by his talented mixologist, Muyur Subbaro.

Event Preview: Mardi Gras Food Fantasy at Louro!

Our stomachs are growling in anticipation for this Monday, March 3rd 2014, at 7 PM, as JoonBug has the privilege of attending a Mardi Gras-themed Nossa Mesa Supper Club Dinner, hosted by Chef David Santos at his West Village restaurant, Louro, located at 142 West 10th Street.

Inspired by his Um Segredo Supper Club, which became popular at his home in Roosevelt Island, Santos holds his Mesa dinners every Monday night at Louro, with each week’s menu featuring 5 to 7 courses themed to enhance whatever Santos is uniquely inspired by—everything from specific ingredients like uni, to popular culture touchstones, such as Game of Thrones and Mad Men. Dinners range from $65-$75 each, and guests often dine together at a communal table, much like if they were attending one of Santos’s private restaurants.

Superbowl Smackdown

The only thing better than football season is Super Bowl night. Friends, food, and brews. That's really all you need for a good time. Oh, and a prime spot to view it all. We've got the best spots to watch the Ravens and 49ers duke it out and with plenty of special deals, everyone will go home a winner.

The Windsor & The Windsor Gansevoort Park: Recently opened, Windsor Gansevoort Park will be throwing an off-the-hook superbowl party starting at 4pm. There will be a live DJ accompanying the four large flat screens that line the walls. Each banquet also has its own personal flat screen TV. The Windsor's original location will also be throwing a viewing party along with fresh, seasonal cocktails and gourmet comfort food.