Lil Charlie's Welcomes The Cocktail Architect

Sometimes a deliciously decadent cocktail can make the entire week just a little more feasible. With that said, there's no better way to spice things up a little than to grab a drink from yes, the Cocktail Architect! Starting this Wednesday, February 20, Yusef Austin will be behind the bar from 6-10pm at Lil Charlies, the lounge below Ken & Cook in NoLita serving up specialty drinks for a new cocktail party!

Mr. Yusef Austin has designed specialty drinks for private celebrity functions to corporate events all while jetsetting from New York to London and everywhere in between. He has even supplied the liquid gold for prestige venues such the Atlantis in the Bahamas, The Summer House in Nantucket for Todd English's birthday celebration as well the as illustrious Boom Boom Room at the Standard Hotel. Austin created two incredible signature drinks for the property- the Rosy Melons (vodka, rosemary aquavit, cantaloupe, fresh lemons, sugar and a rosemary sprig) and the Lucha Libre (tequila, agave, lime, pear puree, mezcal spray and tarragon).

Take a break from the real world and head over to Lil Charlie's for some fabulously curated cocktails!

Mexico City moves to the East Village

When I first moved into New York, I was trying to not live like a tourist, or a hated member of the B&T crowd (not saying the whole B&T crowd is hated, but you all know who you are. Grow up, behave yourselves). So I ate at local restaurants in my neighborhood, always vowing to do my best to never go to the same place twice until I had really gotten a taste for the neighborhood. So I did that. And for the first two weeks, everything I had came with fries - even the fries seemed to come with fries. Then I made an effort to move away from that trend, which was hard – American diets may be varied, but fries seem to be the New Yorkers’ lifesource. I branched out, and found myself immersed in Mexican food. There are so many Mexican restaurants in this city, and, as curry is to the English, Mexican seems to be the staple ‘not sure what you’re in the mood for? Let’s get Mexican’ culinary experience. I never want to see another burrito, or chimichanga, or quesadilla for a long time.