FALL in Love with LUSH

It is the month of September, and whether you’d like to admit it or not, summer-lovers, the air is getting crisper, leaves are dancing to the ground, and fall is imminent. Autumn-romantics: rejoice!

Along with this glorious season brings the bustle of back to school. Don’t lie, even if you’ve been out of the classroom for years, you know the utterly blissful feeling of a brand new box of unused, perfectly narrow-tipped colorful crayons, a fresh, un-doodled planner, and pencils, sharp with erasers still intact. Yes, and a new pair of sweet kicks. This feeling of a clean slate, a new beginning and a fresh start is one that is comforting and reminiscent of a simpler time. You might not be breaking out the new zippered AND Velcroed Trapper Keeper, but LUSH Cosmetics has a way you can feel new and young again while getting so fresh and so clean (clean).

The Re-Birth of LUSH Thursdays

In 1992, Michael Capponi, dubbed "The SoBe Prince" of nightlife, launched a swanky Thursday night party called LUSH at The Butter Club. At the time, South Beach was experiencing a revitalization period and soon would grow into the party scene that it has become today, a trendy mecca for nightlife and music. With much credit to Capponi for reshaping SoBe's nightlife, his infamous Thursday night party would go down as one of the most legendary parties to hit South Beach ever.

Seasons come and go, but nightlife only evolves. In proper cyclical fashion, Capponi is back to his roots that started it all. Revamping LUSH with heavy hitting nightlife partners in tow; Michael Martin Angel, Matt Werner and Brett Weithorn, the rebirth ignites this Thursday with a pre-party in the Bohemian Grove at 10:30 p.m. followed by the debut of the newly renovated WALL Miami in The W Hotel. Catch sounds by DJ Affect along with live instrumentals, collective energy and lights.

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Winter Beauty Brigade

With winter a mere month away, it's time to admit to summer's departure, lay the bronzing powder to rest, and break out the defensive gear. Frizzy hair, dry skin, and chapped lips are a few of the unsightly casualties in the battle against cold weather. Luckily there’s an arsenal of products on the market to help us defend ourselves against Mother Nature and send her packing into spring.

Frizzy Hair- Dry, brittle hair is nearly unavoidable during winter- even for those of us with locks normally on the oily side. Dreads, tangles and fly-aways can be tamed with Aveda’s Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Made from organic lavender and jojoba oils, this serum restores softness and shine to your winter ravaged mane.

Boutique Rundown: Chantell

Melrose Avenue is iconic for its numerous boutiques carrying the most cutting-edge trends in fashion. With so many stores to choose from, shopping on Melrose can be an overwhelming experience. Whether you are a tourist with only a couple of hours to kill or a LA transplant in need of a perfect top for that last minute audition, it's helpful to know which store to hit first. I suggest before going anywhere else you check out Chantell.

I've been in just about every boutique on Melrose. The one thing most of these boutiques have in common is that they carry the same merchandise. While we all want the latest trend in fashion; we don't want to look like clones of each other. Chantell is the one boutique that never disappoints when it comes to an original collection of cute tanks, slimming skirts and classy cocktail dresses.