DJ Price On Past, Present & Future
You started spinning at a pretty young age. What was it like laying your foundation as a DJ at the Spin Academy?

Back then it wasn't about loading up a laptop with the latest house anthems or hip hop edits. It was about digging through crates and practicing everyday. My favorite part about the Scratch academy was learning from the big name DJs that would come through regularly.

What were some challenges of starting out young?

Getting into nightclubs! You had to sneak in or carry some other DJs records.

How were you able to rent out lofts and throw your own parties at such a young age? How does this compare to playing the huge shows you do today?

We saved up money and pooled our resources. You can do anything if you have the right team behind you. Today, life is a lot less stressful. Being an event organizer is hard!

Talib Kweli Reveals 'Prisoner of Conscious' Details

Earlier this year, rap veteran Talib Kweli released the solo album Gutter Rainbows, a title inspired by Catcher in The Rye, which was completely self-financed and independent of the mainstream record industry. Kweli is known for chasing the thrill of a new project where ever and whenever it might come up, and to keep with his chameleon style, he recently announced his plans to follow up Gutter Rainbows with another album before the year is over.

Prisoner of Conscious is Kweli’s next project in the making and the collection is rumored to be something of an extremely late sequel to 2007’s Ear Drum. So far there’s been word of guest features from his Black Star partner Mos Def, as well as top dogs Curren$y, Kendrick Lamar, Jean Grae, Maino, and uh, randomly, Nelly?

Maino at the MLB Fan Cave

Last night, rapper Maino showed up for a skee.TV interview at the Major League Baseball Fan Cave event to save the music. The evening featured Scott "DJ Skee" Keeney on the turntables , and a musical performance by a local high school. All efforts were made to keep music alive and raise awareness about the importance of music education in America's public schools.

Maino Welcomes Carmelo To The Big Apple

It has been barely a day since the Knicks traded away Raymond Felton, Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari, and more for Carmelo Anthony, but already there has been a song created to welcome the ex-Nugget to New York.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, Carmelo has been wanting to be Knick for quite some time, and he finally got his wish. But, I don't think he was expecting his own song.

Maino, a rapper and native New Yorker, has created "Yeah Carmelo" which you can listen here.

It uses the same beat that has been used many times over the past few months, Whiz Khalifa's "Black & Yellow."