Glove Lovin'

Judging by this past weekend's weather we are sure in for a ride this season, and just when we thought winter would go easy on us this time around! Tired of seeing the lackluster texting gloves, cutesy animal face mittens, just plain average hand warmers? Because we sure are. Accessorize your wardrobe this season with a classy, chic pair of leather gloves. "Leather? Isn't that most expected in winterwear accessories," you ask. Well, some of us here at Glam Damn It believe it's a women right to own as much leather as can fit in her closet. If frigid temperatures have you forgoing your chic leather jacket for a warmer alternative, the perfect pair of leather gloves are just the finishing touch you need. We shouldn't have to suffer cold to look cute, so here are some helpful suggestions on picking the perfect pair of gloves to keep your fingers warm this winter.

Hot Handbags Under $100

Great style doesn't always have to cost an arm and a leg. Companies like H&M and TopShop have proven that! With a little research and patience, you can find the latest trends in quality materials at great prices.

Handbags are notoriously expensive. They're what we like to call "investment pieces." Normally you can expect to pay several hundred dollars (if not thousands) for a quality, designer handbag. But what about those who don't have the funds to drop 10 benjamins for one handbag? We have you covered! Our eyes are ALWAYS peeled for a great deal --because nothing is more satisfying than having a full closet AND a full bank account.

Color Blocking

We look like a Starburst. The magenta pink, cropped jeans which we thought looked very 'Isabelle Marant' and citrus orange, silk tank top we're wearing, just looks wrong. Its all just a little too... BRIGHT.

So, how do you color block in style?

The easiest way is not the route we took. Teaming colors from the same family together creates an eye-catching, sophisticated look - think bright cobalt with a soft baby blue or a primary green with the softest of mints. Keep accessories neutral to keep this look low-key.

Andrew Garfield Loves His Spider-Man's Costume

English actor Andrew Garfield who replaces Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man prequel is thrilled by the famous costume...and by his costar Emma Stone!

When he first wore the new shiny version of the costume, he confessed that it was a magical moment. "It was humbling and strange, and I was really moved by it. It felt right. It felt wrong. Kind of all of the above. It was just a strange, surreal moment."

In an interview given to People Magazine, the 27-year-old actor said he couldn't imagine a more talented and enthusiastic person to work with.

Le Souk Harem Brings Sweet Smoke To SoHo

After much confusing with the closing/reopening of the Ave B and 4th st Le Souk, one would think opening a second location and adding the word "Harem" to the end wouldn't make a difference. However, I'd like to give that non-believer a shameful stare and say Marcus Jacob (owner of Le Souk, the original) may have confused his patrons by allowing his brother Sam Jacob to open a second location, Le Souk Harem, but he certainly hasn't disappointed them.

Ralph's Same Tune For Fall 2010.

It's evident that nothing changes too much over at Ralph Lauren between seasons - maybe a print or two - but that's what we love about them. It's so, what's the word, classic?

But, we're kind of in love with the plaid overcoat and patent leather boots from the Fall 2010 menswear bevy.

Though we don't expect too many men to purchase the plaid overcoat - we can still fantasize - we'd vouch that more Chelsea men may opt for the adorable footwear, but we'll wait until after Marc by Marc Jacob's show to place that bet.

Side hair slick, not included.