Listen To Ellie Goulding's New Collaboration With Skrillex 'Because'

With love having been so recently in the air, Ellie Goulding decided she would spread the love with an exclusive "Goodnight Valentine" mix for Annie Mac Presents Free Music Mondays. The almost hour long mix contains a variety of sexy and sultry hip-hop, R&B, and electronica. Tracks include everything from Mariah Carey to James Blake to Big Sean to The Weeknd, all hand picked and mixed by Ellie Goulding herself. What stood out most from this mix was the very last track, 'Because,' her latest collaboration with Skrillex.

Mariah Carey Under Fire for Overseas Performance

According to the Human Rights Foundation, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, who has ruled since 1979, has persecuted and order deaths to several opposing politicians, activists, and journalists throughout his tyranny. Carey headlined a 2-hour concert this past Sunday, December 15th, 2013 for a reported $1M pay out.

However, the concert was not the only thing that was in the press. Carey also shared images of her smiling at the event, allegedly saying “I am happy to be here in this room, and I am honored to share this show with the president of Angola.”

This hasn't been the only pay out Carey has received from a dictator. Five years ago, the Grammy winner performed a private concert for Libyan dictator, Moammar Gadhafi, to which she apologized: “I feel horrible and embarrassed to have participated in this mess.”

Nick Cannon Comes Out About Lupus

Nick Cannon may as well be the busiest person in show biz. Hitting the comedy club circuit at 15 years old and ending up as Nickelodeon's youngest staff writer by the age of 17, Cannon's current list of accomplishments read like the career credits of every cast member from All That combined. But what most people don't realize is that after a shocking medical diagnosis, Cannon was recently stricken by a disease that not only threatened his career, but also his life.

In January 2012, Nick Cannon was diagnosed with Lupus after symptoms such as fatigue and swelling in his knees worsened during a vacation with his wife Mariah Carey. Trouble breathing and pain in his kidneys verified that something very bad was happening to him, and after his condition was confirmed by doctors, it took a major toll on his fast-paced career. Cannon recently sat down to talk to the magazine Lupus Now for a cover story about his condition and told them “I was constantly struggling with trying to have the same type of endurance and stamina that I had before the diagnosis and that made me have another setback that was even more serious.” In February 2012 he was re-hospitalized with a clot in his lungs precipitated by malfunctioning kidneys that is called pulmonary embolism. Due to his worsening health situation, Nick Cannon faced his first major career steback after he chose to leave his position as host of the early morning radio show on CBS affiliate WXRK-FM (in New York) after three years.

Mariah Carey Headlines a Free Charity Concert for Sandy Relief

What does Mariah Carey, baseball, and one of New York's most prestigous artistic institutions have in common? Well, we can certainly guess what Mariah Carey and baseball may have in common. But on Saturday, July 13th, all three will be working together to help raise money for Sandy Relief at the 2013 MLB All-Star Charity Concert in Central Park.

Along with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, led by musical director Alan Gilbert, Carey will perform a free concert that will result in MLB donating $1 million to help victims still suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy. The concert starts at 7:30pm and requires a pre-ordered RSVP ticket which can be obtained at the MLB website starting today. Among the music that will be performed at this event, Mariah Carey, who's latest single "#Beautiful" has gone No.1 in 30 countries, has promised to perform a selection of classic songs, as well as music from her much anticipated new album The Art of Letting Go. The New York Philharmonic will also be playing two sets comprised of baseball and New York themed music including Randy Newman's suite from The Natural and a special world premiere of Mark Isham's suite from the Jackie Robinson film, 42.

Joonbug Chats with Stylist to the Stars: Annabel Tollman

With awards and red carpet season in full-swing, Joonbug decided to check in with celebrity stylist to the stars Annabel Tollman. It’s not often that one can gain style knowledge directly and in-person from someone who works dressing A-list celebs for their most important red carpet appearances. A-list stars such as Scarlett Johansson, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Shakira, Mariah Carey, and Liv Tyler are just some of the power house names she works with and dresses.

Joonbug met up with Annabel at the chic Rlounge at the Renaissance Hotel in Manhattan overlooking Times Square to kick off the announcement of Annabel Tollman’s favorite style suggestions for Gemvara. If you aren’t familiar with Gemvara, it’s a unique and beautiful handcrafted jewelry line that you custom create — yourself. There’s no inventory and you won’t see every woman you know wearing the same exact jewelry as you! There are various price points which allows you to create a custom piece of jewelry whether it be for everyday use or for a special night out! After exploring the site once again, it’s easy to see why Gemvara is one of Oprah’s coveted “favorite things.

Video: All I Want For Christmas Is You

Late night's favorite funny man, Jimmy Fallon, along with the very funky group, The Roots, join diva, Mariah Carey, on her classic holiday song, "All I Want For Christmas Is You." Watch the crew give a cute live performance featuring Mariah's fierce vocals along with Jimmy and The Roots getting their jam on using "classroom instruments!"

The Floundering Future of American Idol

Season 11 of American Idol concluded with Phillip Phillips being awarded a record deal and left fans wondering which musical acts/executives would occupy the show’s judge panel in the future. After two seasons, international pop superstar, Jennifer Lopez, and legendary rocker, Steven Tyler, decided that they no longer wanted to be a part of the highly-rated singing competition.

Ever since the announcement was made, numerous celebrities have reportedly been in serious talks with Idol producers to serve as judges for the upcoming season. In late June, Fox announced that they agreed to terms with multi-platinum, former R&B diva, Mariah Carey, to serve as a judge for at least one season. Her deal is reportedly worth a whopping $18 million. Apparently the network was willing to hand over whatever amount the singer demanded, despite her faded star status. The move was seen as a desperate attempt to revive the American Idol brand, which was at one point a highly respected singing competition between undiscovered, raw talents and Fox’s cash cow.

11 Priceless Dumb Celebrity Quotes

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After reading that Bradley Cooper called being People's Sexiest Man Alive "the worst ever" in an obnoxious failed attempt at being humble and self-deprecating, I had to go on a mission to find the dumbest celebrity quotes. Hey people, don't be sad about your life, turns out not all celebs have everything, and that includes a brain upstairs.

Talk to the Hand

Mariah Carey tweeted a pick of her daughter, Monroe, on Sunday showing she's all ready to fend off the paparazzi. In the snap shot, the little diva's hand is shielding her face. She's barely two months old and already a professional --just like mommy!

There haven't yet been photos of the twins, Monroe and brother Moroccan, born in April; but there is definately hype. Nick Cannon has said how much of an "eye-opening experience" the birth of their children have been, and that these twins are "just the beginning". "Oh dear" Honey B, Nick Cannon's like Winnie the Pooh this season, and we can't wait!