Artists & Writers Charity Softball Game Returns This Saturday

The Artists & Writers Softball Game in East Hampton, NY is probably the only place anybody will get to witness Paul Simon slugging it out with, "You Can Call Me Al" sidekick, Chevy Chase, while former president Bill Clinton looks on. Yet, as bizarre as this may seem, every celebrity that graces the field for this annual event is just as amazed by the amount of money that is donated to charity through the event each year.

It is widely accepted that these celebrity softball games first began in 1948, when local artists such as Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning began playing pickup games in the Long Island area for fun. Building on the success of their names, and the improbability of seeing such artists playing together in public, these events were soon transformed into an opportunity for celebrities to raise money for charity. Now in its 65th year, this year's Artists & Writers Softball Game will take place on Saturday, August 17. Admission to this game includes a suggested donation of $10.

Martha Finally Meets her Match...or Hopes To

In a story sure to bring hope to the countless number of single women nationwide, finding a mate has now surpassed prison and building an empire as the single most difficult feat known to mankind. After serving a 5-month prison sentence in 2004 for charges related to the Imclone insider trading scandal, Martha Stewarthas rebuilt her brand, repaired her image, and is apparently ready for love. The 71-year old homemaking mogul has become the newest, and in all likelihood, richest member to join the online dating site, Match.com.

Sirio Ristorante Debuts at The Pierre

Last night, New York’s high society, friends of the Maccioni family and regulars of Le Cirque joined the famed restaurateur and New York icon Sirio Maccioni and his family along with illustrious chefs and celebrities in the arts, politics, business and fashion to celebrate the much anticipated opening party of Sirio Ristorante New York at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel. Some of the VIP guests included legendary singer Tony Bennett, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Martha Stewart and Ivana Trump.

Get Your SBWFF Tickets

If you have any doubts regarding Miami’s importance as a food city, pay a visit during the month of February to understand just how huge the 305 is to the culinary world. For the past eleven years, Miami has played host to Food Network’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival, which is one of the country’s most important gastronomic events of the year. Next year, from February 21st through the 24th, locals and visitors will be able to attend tastings, lectures, demonstrations, special dinners, and unforgettable parties featuring such personalities as Duff Goldman, Ming Tsai, Emeril Lagasse, Todd English, Anthony Bourdain, John Besh, and many others.

Screw 'Rich Kids of Instagram,' Here's Poor People & Ramen

We're sure many of you have seen the much criticized, most recent Tumblr blog to go viral, "Rich Kids of Instagram," which chronicles the young, privileged, and wealthy as they flaunt their lifestyles of jetsetting from St. Tropez to the Hamptons, sipping on Dom P with their Whoppers, and gyrating in front of McMansions --primarily on Daddy's dime. Look, everyone wants to do what they're doing, so there's no reason to get jealy about it. Don't hate, appreciate. Go out and get yours, ya see?

This Weekend in the Hamptons!

Summer may be coming to an end, but the fun is definitely not. Especially not in the Hamptons. Here's all the best events for this weekend!

Where: Bay Street Theater: 1 Bay Street, Sag Harbour, NY

Where: Guild Hall: 158 Main Street, East Hampton, NY

Where: Private Residence TBA

Come shop the latest styles of the J Brand fall fashion collection. You can also enter a contest to win a free pair of J Brand jeans!

Our Perfect Summer Cocktail

While surfing the internet we stumbled upon this Martha Stewart recipe for Watermelon Limeade. Although we’re sure this would be a tasty drink year round, the ingredients make it the ultimate summer cocktail. After all, Martha does know best.

You’ll Need

-8 cups chopped seedless watermelon (about 6 pounds)
-1/2 cup freshly squeezed lime juice
-2 tablespoons of sugar (+2 tablespoons more to taste)
-1/2 cup vodka (optional)
-Mint leaves

You’ll do
-Puree the watermelon in the blender (in batches) with lime juice and sugar until smooth. Add extra sugar if needed.
-Transfer puree to a pitcher; add vodka. Cover and chill until ready to serve
-Stir, pour over ice. Garnish with mint.

Quick, easy, and refreshing. This is one drink that is sure to impress your friends at any summer party.

Prep Time: 20 Minutes

Total Time: 20 Minutes

Serves: 2 Quarts

Cheers! To A Great Dinner

Calories aside, who can say no to the smooth and refreshing temptation of beer? Hmmm, beer such a great companion with friends or after a long day and now-lucky you- in your favorite foods. So in honor of National Beer Day today, prepare yourself, as I knock you off your barstool with some of the greatest recipes, all of course including our dear friend, beer. And no, everything is not fried, although the majority is, but with flavors this good it would be sin not to try. So drink up to the best feast you will ever cook and invite your friends to a getty where beer is not only the life of the party it’s also the main course.

P.S.- I Made This