Have a Bombay Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week is here, people, and that means it's time to get your drink on. Luckily, last Tuesday November 15th, noted mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim held a class called Demystifying the Martini, aimed to provide lucky attendees with all the knowledge of making the perfect martini. Don't worry, those of you who, er, weren't invited, can still reap the benefits of Tony's class. You may not know the history of the gin cocktail, or have had hands on experience at Catch crafting delicious cocktails, but now you can have the recipes and imbibe yourself this Thanksgiving. And don't forget to go behind the scenes and read Tony's interview!

Bottoms (and turkeys) up!

New to The Village at Gulfstream Park
Brando’s Speakeasy

Brando's Speakeasy, the quaint downtown establishment, boasts an intimate lounge with an unyielding supply of dancing, drinking, and karaoke. The doors open at 10:00am daily and don’t close until 2:00am (3am on Saturdays). Between those hours, the friendly staff tentatively welcomes patrons of every background into their warm, cozy, and dim atmosphere. The bar is the perfect setting for reunions, a girls' night out, or, if you're brave, you can finally live those fantasies of singing "Don't Stop Believing" outside the shower.

One of Brando’s most notable attractions is their raised platform and well-tuned karaoke machine at the head of the speakeasy. The machine is plum-loaded with 250,000 songs: lyrics and music loaded for anything from 1960’s ballads to present day hits. When you decide to take a seat, the MC/DJ plays a rotation of dance-inducing music and nod-worthy soundtracks.

Las Vegas Restaurant Week

This is your time to experience Las Vegas finest dining for a low price and a good cause. Stating Monday August 30th and running until Sunday September 5th choose from over 100 restaurant offering three-course menus priced at $20.10, $30.10 or $50.10. If you take advantage of Restaurant week and all it has to offer you will be giving to Three Square charity and food bank with restaurants choosing to donate between $4 and $6 from each fixed-price meal.

A Real Continental (Mid-Town) Breakfast

1801 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103-3712
(215) 567-1800

In all honesty, the main reason I first tried the Continental was the big green olive that juts out like a beacon over the entrance. Brand new to town, I knew little to nothing about the local restaurants and I went into the Continental unaware that it would soon become one of my favorite Philadelphia establishments.

A cool blend of retro and modern, this restaurant has a very distinct feel. As you enter, it's like you've stepped into a swanky 60's nightclub, with bright yellow tabletops and swinging basket chairs. Adding to the ambiance the impressive chandelier, made up of dozens of twinkling globe lights, emits a cool glow that makes you feel like this is the place to be. Luckily, as the giant olive suggests, the Continental is also a martini bar, so spending a lot of time here is not too difficult a task.