Mast Brothers Chocolate Adventure

With descriptions more often found on the back of a wine bottle than a bar of chocolate, Mast Brothers gourmet chocolate is no average candy bar. Available in 19 flavors and split into two categories, Single Estates Origins and Blends & Pairings, expect to taste the unexpected. From Vanilla and Smoke to Black Truffle and Moho River, no bar comes in with under 70% of organic cocao harvested from small farm cooperatives dotted around South America, and no, none of the bars come with a milk or white chocolate option as, to the gourmet chocolatier, either would be cocao sacrilege.

Happy Cappuccino Day!

Who knew that it was Cappuccino Day?! Well luckily for you, Andaz 5th Avenue is quick on the uptake and is celebrating this fabulous holiday. Grab a bargain while you shop at the store and treat yourself to a $2 cappuccino. Their cappuccinos are brewed with espresso beans from local roaster Cafe Grumpy. Grab your brew on the go if you are a shopaholic or take your time and relax at the communal table in the retail section. Pair it with some snacks made by Pastry Chef Charmaine McFarlane or grab a sandwich from local purveyors such as the Mast Brothers and Katz's Delicatessen.