Chalk Point Kitchen Brings in Guests Via Twitter

Have you ever heard of a NYC restaurant that doesn’t have a website or even a way to preview the menu beforehand?

Enter Chalk Point Kitchen, a new Soho restaurant from Executive Chef Joe Isidori and restaurateur Matt Levine. Isidori, from the late Carroll Gardens spot, Arthur on Smith, has described the new restaurant's menu as having a strong focus on “organic vegetables, seafood, and local produce.” Too bad that is the only information you’ll get about the menu--that is, unless you check it out in person. And as Beyonce learned with the massive success of her surprise album last December, people love a well-kept secret.

Matt Levine to Open 'The Cocktail Bodega' in Late July

Matt Levine, the entrepreneur behind NYC hotspots The Eldridge and Sons of Essex is at it again. The Cocktail Bodega, set to open in late July, will offer liquor infused smoothies and fresh squeezed juices.

It can’t get any better, right? Wrong!

Chef Roblé, reality star and chef responsible for Avenue New York, is set to provide a menu of tropical themed dishes to complement the specialty drink creations.

Its home at 205 Chrystie Street will definitely leave guests impressed. We also have no doubt that celebrities will pop in every so often, as Levine’s Sons of Essex has hosted the Twilight Breaking Dawn cast party, and is rumored to have hosted Justin Bieber’s newest album release.

(For you Beliebers, OMG!)

This spot will surely be a summer treasure from the minute doors open.

Polar Lounge Heating Up?

Beneath the Hotel Marcel at Gramercy, lays the icy, chilled, Polar Lounge.

The arctic hideaway has both a North Pole inspired main area along with private intimate caves if you're in the mood for some extra VIP treatment.

About four months ago, Polar opened its igloo to fashion events, media mixers and after parties in addition to celebrities including Miranda Kerr, Alicia Keys,Orlando Bloom, Swizz Beatz, and Alexa Ray Joel.

Matt Levine and his Brandsway Creative Team, who have their hand in hot spots like the Eldridge, Levant East at The Hotel On Rivington, and The Boathouse in East Hampton, are using their magic to turn Polar Lounge into another exclusive NYC lounge. So far, it appears to be working.

I believe it is safe to say that Polar Lounge is heating up or in this case, it's "melting."

Cupcakes for the Elite

In an event that’s too hilarious/sad to be made up, Red Velvet at 174 Rivington St. will be the first exclusive cupcake lounge.

Except it isn’t just a cupcake store, it will be the first (and by god it better be the last) cupcake dispensary with doormen. The uber-lounge will feature a pretentious, Eldridge-style door policy, so you better not be overweight and in sweats if you expect to get in.

For those peons among us who ignore the kind of bar that has laser engraved access cards saying “Guest of Matt Levine,” the Eldridge is a year old restaurant where the only way to get in is to be famous or a dear friend of the owner. Guests can’t even bring their friends, according to the owner himself.