Dressing for Fall, Literally

With the popularity of the legging-boot combo, wearing dresses for Winter and Fall is not only realistic, but a great way to add variety when you seem to be constantly reaching for your comfortable jeans --or God forbid, sweatpants! (Side note: we are in fierce opposition of sweatpants, for the record.) So how do you stay warm, comfortable and stylish? The answer is knee-high boots, tights/leggings and a dress. With these styles, you may get through the winter without ever slipping on a pair of pants. Here are few of our on-trend, comfortable and warm picks.

Hope for Shorties

Unfortunately for the short folk, maxi dresses are in. I'm 5'3" (shortay) and I've always wanted to pull off a maxi dress.

When style queen, Carrie Bradshaw, was seen in Sex and the City sporting a maxi dress oh-so-fabulously, there seemed to be hope but then I remembered I don't work out three times a day like she does and have the ittybitty waist with the curves, which makes her look taller than she really is. [not fair] Some shorter women look beautiful in maxi dresses but I look completely awkward and shortened. Is it just me?

White Hot

The number one rule of an effortless personal style? Well, there are no rules, but to those of you who abide by the summer whites rule, rest assured - Memorial Day came and went and you are now free to dig deep into your dresser drawer to revive your favorite cream and ivory staples. If they're looking a bit dingy and you simply can't salvage a single crisp, white piece from last summer, consider adding these fab finds to your collection.

Get Groovy This Summer

Yes, everyone, the 70s are back in full force this season. Like every other era in the past 90 years, it was bound to recycle back around at some point. (Personally, I'd like to see the 1920s make a roaring comeback.) Alas, it's the 70s this year, so whip out the geometric patterns, crochet knits and flower child dresses. If you're not into that sort of thing, do not distress -it's also time for the lamé, color blocking disco trend à la Halston/Studio 54.

Or you could go flower child during the day and dancing queen when the sun goes down. Either way, you'll have plenty of (mothball-free) options to choose from. If you're all about the disco style, Halston Heritage is the go-to collection for capturing the retro chic look, year around. If you love the flowy, bo-ho vibe Marc by Marc Jacobs and Tracy Reese both have excellent collections.

Are you....

A flower child?

Or a dancing queen?