5 Social Media Sites You Aren't Using

Facebook and Twitter have dominated the social media stratosphere, but with the future upon us, and constant changes in social trends, the online population is always on the hunt for a new form of social interaction. Here are 5 sites that you may not know about, and that you should consider if you are feeling you need a change from the “same old-same old" in the social networking world.

Created by the co-founder of Twitter, this site is an invite-only social media platform that allows only exclusive users to share more intuitive and original ideas. All Medium accounts seem to have some sort of link to professional publication, whether it be news, journalism, or research. In that regard, not everyone is eligible to post, weeding out the arbitrary and annoying content that appears on other sites. Unlike Twitter or Facebook status updates, Medium links its “updates” to 500-1000 word articles written by the user. Only the best and brightest seem to be able to post on Medium, and it is worth creating a Twitter account in hopes of being considered as a contributor. Given that it is a more specialized and aesthetically pleasing extension of Twitter, Medium holds promise as the new and coveted form of social communication for the future.

Messages From Beyond

The world is divided into skeptics and believers. I have always been a skeptic, yet intrigued by these things that most cannot understand. Thomas John has made a true believer out of me. Medium and psychic, Thomas has been blessed with a gift that he's utilized since the age of four. He currently has a full-time private practice in which he helps others connect with loved ones and gives psychic advice. Not only is he a published author and life coach, but he is also known for providing his services to high-profile celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Courtney Cox, and Sean Young. But even that won't convince many of true psychic existence. I went to Thomas's office to conduct an interview, but I left with a lot more than just that. Thomas John began by giving me a full reading, in which he said some truly unbelievable things. He relayed messages to me from my grandmother (who recently passed) knowing details about her life, some of which even I didn't know about until I told my mother what had happened afterwards. It was utterly astonishing to hear what he had to say and I will always remember that experience. But wouldn't you like to know a little bit more about the man behind the medium? Read the interview below!

Arquette and Jane Split

Patricia Arquette filed for divorce from Thomas Jane on Monday in L.A citing “irreconcilable differences”. This news comes just days after Gossip Girl star Kelly Rutherford announced her split from German entrepreneur husband Daniel Giersch. Both couples have a child, but Rutherford is pregnant with another child by Giersch, to be born in June.

All involved are rising stars. Arquette plays the spooky leading role in NBC’s Medium, a drama centered on her psychic abilities. Jane rose to fame after scoring the title role of The Punisher. The two couples stayed under the radar for their marriages. If things are this bad with no media intrusions, we can’t imagine what it’s like to have a relationship in the spotlight! We are saddened by the news of these two impending divorces, but we must confess we kind of can’t wait to watch them rebound? Don’t hate!