TRENDING NOW! Men's Spring 2014

TROPICAL FLORAL: The flowers are abloom this spring, and so is floral print in fashion for men. But wait, before you start thinking palm trees and dandelions, take a look at some collections from Dries Van Noten, and Alexander McQueen. The Tropical Floral trend for men delves deep into richly textured fabrics, exotic and dark colored floral prints, and the combination of familiar and exciting new geometrical silhouettes.

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Glamdamnit Editorial Exclusive: BROOKLYN NIGHT
Style Evolution : Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is having one fine moment right now. His record sales continue to grow as he bangs out hit after hit on the billboard charts. The 20/20 experience is an album that represents his growth in manhood and his musical diversity with more than a few nods to his executive producing buddy Timbaland. The pop sensation embarks on a tour this year heating up stages along the coast. As he continues to be the most celebrated entertainers of our generation, we look at Justin’s style evolution throughout the length of his singing career.

Trending Now: Menswear

In fashion, fads go quickly, but trends are staples that run a certain course from introduction to execution, eventually evolving and transforming into new trends and movements in fashion. This year, New York Fashion Week has brought us some of today and tomorrow's hottest trends, and we're not just talking the runway. In menswear there are 3 hot trends that GlamDamnit believes can usher you into the fall season and carry you through to winter.

This first trend is on fire. Leather has always been a staple in fashion, but has recently become a go-to fabric for menswear and ready-to-wear apparel. Take advantage of this trend by sporting leather in both apparel and accessories. A fashionable gentleman can pair leather tops and bottoms with lighter weight fabrics. For fall weather, pair a printed button down or tee with leather shorts or trousers and an athletic shoe. Accessories like small leather duffles, backpacks, and jewelry are easy additions to finish the look. A little bit of leather goes a long way, where as head to toe can sometimes be overwhelming to the eye.

A Shirt For Every Male Type

If you’re the guy who would rather stay home and watch Breaking Bad than search through clothing racks for the perfect fit, then shopping just got a whole lot easier! No need to rely on the good ol’ one-size-fits-all, Stantt clothing brand is here to accommodate your needs by creating sizes modeled after your individual body measurements. The Hoboken-based trademark company uses a body-scan data system to make tailor-made clothing easy, quick, and accessible for over 1,000 ranges of male body types.

Men's Fashion Top 3 for Spring

Spring has sprung into action, and so have all your favorite designers of menswear. For years now, fashion for men has been developing from more than just suits and slacks, into daring pieces that play with silhouettes, experiment with color, and give innovation to the consumer. This year is no different. Three key trends men should be ripping from the runway this spring are Prints & Patterns, Fit &Tailoring, as well as Color.

Prints & Patterns are great for the budding businessman and the more classic male who doesn’t want to get to out there with his wardrobe, but still wants to stay current. This season the runways were a blaze with prints from designers like Vivienne Westwood, and Sarah Burton who awed with a bronze combination gold and silver metallic blazer with matching trousers for Alexander McQueen (see left). The bolder male “fashionistas” can go to the extreme, while the further subdued can opt for more subtle approaches like Viktor & Rolph’s zigzag patterned black and silver suit also featuring a metallic finish (see slideshow).

#XEX Marks the Spot!

XEX Magazine (pronounced "X") has long been an online and print publication that allows professional, as well as up and coming artists, to display their work and creativity. This past weekend was the launch party to celebrate the magazines first ever men’s edition, and neither the party nor the fashion disappointed. From a live model exhibition, and photo shoot to a gallery-like display of the magazine’s inaugural issue; the night was painted to be a success from the get go. Combine this with free booze and a hot DJ and you were in for a treat.

Music and a video footage featuring editorial material since the magazine's conception set the pace for a live model exhibition. Their highly stylized and outlandish looks featured some trendy pieces like a leather glove featuring cut-outs and leopard print, and a distressed leather fanny-pack with gold trim. But if you think the models were the ones to be watching, then you'd be wrong. This party gave way to some of New York City's local trend setters to strut their stuff. And because this was a men’s fashion event, the guys did not disappoint, also rocking some of today's hottest trends. Check it out!

To top things off, Editor-In-Chief Sailey Williams rounded his team, including fashion editor Inoisell Miranda, and decided to turn his guests into models with a live photo shoot where no one was safe. To delve into the plethora of fashions of the night, click here. In the midst of it all, there was still the magazine. The first men’s edition of XEX has the right amount of substance and features fabulous editorial material styled by some of New York’s hottest stylists. The “mode home” is everywhere to see, trying hard not to alienate the classic male, while still catering to the fashion forward. This launch had all the ingredients for a good party, and if you like a good party then you’ll love a good read!

For more info and recent issues of XEX Mag click here.

I Am Still Arriving: Albino Riganello

With his recent rise as VP of Design for a top fashion line, Albino Riganello took some time out of his busy schedule to share with me a little about himself, his jewelry collection 1974, and his current views on fashion.

When did you discover your passion for fashion? I was six years old and liked to sketch clothes. I realized that’s what I wanted to do as a career. I didn’t draw landscapes like most children, I found myself drawing clothes.

Who was your earliest mentor and what would you say was the best advice he or she gave you? Domenico Dolce was my first mentor. His best advice to me was “I pay you to dream. When you stop dreaming, you’re fired!”