Kelly Killoren Bensimon: the Interview

You've already seen her at our Halloween party at Espace earlier this year. But now Kelly Killoren Bensimon is back and ready for more action at Gustavino's on New Year's Eve. Don't let her drama-instigating role on Housewives mislead you: Bensimon is more intelligent, funny, and eloquent than you think, and she's not stopping anytime soon. Love her or hate her, you better get used to her. Joonbug was thrilled to get a chance to speak with her and find out more about her family, her work, and her unrelenting quest for quality.

The Latest Nude At The Met

Censorship in the land of wine, cheese, baguettes, berets, and great military prestige (that last bit is a lie, I’m sorry) is clearly influencing the legal system here in New York.

The French government is much more liberal with what they feel the general public is able to see and accept; granted this is hardly surprising with President Nicholas "bling bling" Sarkozy at the helm. Advertising campaigns have much more freedom to express themselves, and the French as a nation are more open about their bodies – topless bathing is not only accepted, it is promoted. However, sadly, the same is true for going ‘au naturel.' I leave that to your imagination.