Aamanns-Copenhagen Displays Danish Artwork

Recently opened Danish restaurant, Aamanns-Copenhagen, signed a deal with prominent Copenhagen-based Galleri Oxholm in order to exhibit fine works of Danish artists throughout the year. The stunning artwork of Peter Max-Jakobsen was the first to be displayed at the restaurant and next Thursday, December 6th, from 5-7pm, the restaurant will host a Champagne Reception for the famed artist.

Slicing The Cookie-Cutter Image

It takes countless faces, shapes, and sizes to make up our world; however, there is this ideal "look" that still lingers in society's minds. Many people see beauty as a symmetrical face, thin waist, and toned body. Not to discount those who work hard for their body, but there are many other forms of beauty that are not widely recognized. As a whole, our world is definitely making strides in accepting body types other than the 5'7, size 0 shape. We must give props to Tyra Banks for showing the world back in 2007 that she's proud of her curvaceous body-bathing suit and all. Mia Tyler, the well known plus-size model and daughter of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and sister of Liv Tyler, has appeared in magazines such as Seventeen and Figure. This gives younger girls the encouragement to accept their bodies and to not chase after the unrealistic expectations of society. We should encourage the youth of today to love their bodies and dress in fashions that reflect their self-image.

Any thoughts?