Top Swim Trends for Cruise 2012

With Swim 2012 Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week just a week away in Miami, it is almost impossible not to think of next year’s bikini season. Even though this summer is still young and our July 4th bikinis are fresh from the cleaners, swim 2012 designs are not to be ignored. Attention grabbing designs give an overall “Look at Me” vibe to these swimwear trends, so confidence is a key ingredient to pulling these off. One important piece of advice for this season and next; you don’t have to wear a string bikini to show off your sexy side. Whether your sun bathing in St. Tropez or the shores of New Jersey, here is a glimpse at what trends to expect for the next swim season, and some you can still snag for this year!

Heavy Metal

When it comes to style, it's been said that you must "accessorize, accessorize, accessorize." Look at the truly great--Kate Moss, Rachel Bilson, Kim Kardashian--and you'll notice one thing--their ensembles have that extra something that you can't put your finger on. In most cases, that something is an accessory. Whether it's fierce footwear, purses, belts, or jewelry, these added pieces take you from fashionable to style worthy, and our new obsession is the ultimate form of bling--body chains. We know it sounds a little S&M, but this is jewelry redefined. From necklaces that cover most of your upper body, to Kim Kardashian's hair chain, we're looking forward to draping ourselves in intricate heavy metal this season.

A Little Flare

It's hard to remember the days when flared jeans were our everyday staple. Skinny jeans have reigned supreme for the last 10 or so seasons, but as every fashionista knows, for every trend, there's always a counter trend. Enter, wide-leg jeans. They aren't new to the scene; we've seen celebrities rocking them for quite some time, but we've been mulling this trend over in our heads. Worn right, they do wonders to your body proportions, but pair it with the wrong shirt, the wrong shoes, the wrong rise, the wrong belt, and things could get ugly fast. We all remember what happened with Jessica Simpson a few years back, and really if she couldn't pull it off, then how in the name of all things trendy will we ever be able to? Should we just let this trend pass us by? Of course not. We've put together a special guide on how to wear wide-leg jeans that will work for any body shape, starting off with what exactly went wrong with Ms. Simpson's look. We still cringe every time we see the photos, but at least we can learn from her mistakes.

Sustainable Style: Hassan Pierre Tells Us The Way It Should Be

Every year it seems that Earth Day gains even more importance. Caring about the environment has come a long way from the hippie, flower-child culture of the 70s to a growing way of life. In the last few years we've all started to look past the gas guzzling SUVs, toxic dumps, and pollution, and see the big picture--that we need to sustain our environment if we want to still be here in coming years--and that's the way it should be, according to Hassan Pierre, creative director of the stylish but sustainable clothing line, Way It Should Be (WISB*). We'll admit that buying a hybrid car isn't as easy as it sounds, and that your control over oil spills is minimal, but there's one excuse that can't be made--the synthetic clothes on your back. Your wardrobe is one of the only (and not to mention, easy) ways that you can make a direct impact on the environment. It's as simple as checking the tag before you make a purchase, and designers like Hassan Pierre are making it even easier for you, offering up beautiful garments that are 100 percent organic from start to finish.

Sunday Best: Simple Sassy Easter Dresses
The Easter dress is one of those quintessential items that we all have. Every year we start the search for another darling dress that's classy enough to carry on the tradition, but forget egg hunts, finding the right dress can feel like even more of a mission. Am I showing too much leg? What about cleavage? Do I really have to buy another floral dress? Or worse--pastel? Of course not. We've picked out dresses appropriate for the occassion that stray just enough from your typical Sunday best to keep things interesting. Instead of cotton sundresses, we've chosen vintage-inspired lace and airy chiffon with flattering boatnecks and ladylike a-lines. We ditched the expected floral print and over done pastels, opting instead for one of our favorite spring color trends-- soft neutrals (it's what we imagine is the birth child of earth tones and pastels). Though subtle, these dresses will make a statement, so wear them on their own or under a cozy cardigan for an updated look this Easter.
Fashion Friday Wrap-Up

Hey Fashionistas! It’s time for this week’s wrap-up for April 9-15. If you missed any of this week’s fashion and style news and tips, check out our links below:

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Retail Therapy For Your Tax Day Blues

April 15th usually means one thing--it's time to pay up. Maybe you're an early bird and already filed your taxes weeks ago; maybe you're scrambling to meet the ominous deadline. Hell, maybe you just don't feel like dealing with it right now and filed for an extension (why do today what you can put off until October, right?), but no matter what your situation, hardly anyone is enthuasiatic about emptying their pockets for the IRS. Tax Day is just gloomy, and even though it was pushed back to the 18th this year, that doesn't make us any more optimisitic about parting with our hard earned dollars

Q&A With Project Runway's Anthony Williams

I wouldn't miss my friend's baby shower for just anything. No, it would have to be something big; something like a personal appearance by project runway's Anthony Williams. My friend Diana’s baby shower was scheduled for Saturday April 2--the same weekend that Anthony Williams was hosting Macy’s Fashion Challenge at Pembroke Lakes Mall. I am a huge fan of project runway, so when I heard back in early March that an alumnus of the show was coming to South Florida, I jumped at the opportunity to meet him.

How To Spring Clean Your Closet

For some, closets stay organized year round. For others, not so much. If you have trouble finding your clothing or difficulty even getting into your closet, then it's time for some good old-fashioned spring cleaning--out with the old and in with the new. Even if you're not into color coding your wardrobe or have never heard of The Container Store, there's no denying that it's easier getting dressed when your closet is it in order. The problem? Closet clutter can be overwhelming. When everything is everywhere, where do you even start? We've put together a few tricks to spring cleaning your closet. Here are a few simple ways to create an entirely new wardrobe, recycle what you no longer need, and make your closet a place of creativity, not clutter.

  • Take inventory: What you have, need, and want.
Sample Sale at Sauvage!

Balenciaga, Rodarte, Alexander McQueen--you love them all. It's not your fault. Designer clothes are just pretty, but that means they come at a pretty price too, which leaves us at Forever 21 buying low quality look-a-likes, praying that Target's next GO collection will be by Oscar de la Renta or some other amazing designer. It's torturous--coutureturous--looking at pictures of runway shows, walking through your outlet mall while the window displays taunt you. You totally understand what that redhead was going through in Confessions of a Shopaholic. Nevertheless, designer clothes mean one thing to you--debt; so you've accepted that you have to take what you can get. That's just life, right? Wrong. There's a way to get your paws on luxe designer duds without completely breaking the bank. How? Sample sales, and there's one happening this weekend!