Sirio Ristorante Debuts at The Pierre

Last night, New York’s high society, friends of the Maccioni family and regulars of Le Cirque joined the famed restaurateur and New York icon Sirio Maccioni and his family along with illustrious chefs and celebrities in the arts, politics, business and fashion to celebrate the much anticipated opening party of Sirio Ristorante New York at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel. Some of the VIP guests included legendary singer Tony Bennett, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Martha Stewart and Ivana Trump.

EVICTED: Occupy Wall Street Gets the Boot

After 2 months of 'occupying' Wall Street, protesters were forced out of Zuccotti Park this morning. The removal began around 1am and was still in the process as of early this morning. The entire area was blocked off, reporters were kept at a distance and helicopters hovered above as NYPD swarmed in numbers with a bullhorn and told protesters to gather their belongings and leave. The ones who didn't leave by choice were physically forced out or arrested. One group apparently gathered around the makeshift kitchen and chained themselves together in defiance. Witnesses inside the park claim that the group was forcibly removed with tear gas and pepper spray. Approximately 70 arrests were made and one man was hospitalized with breathing problems.