A Sweet Way to Help Cure Parkinson’s

In honor of Parkinson’s Awareness Month, the Michael J. Fox Foundation has partnered with the world famous Magnolia Bakery to create a special one-of-kind Michael J. Fox Foundation cupcake. Currently being sold online and at Magnolia Bakery locations, a portion of the sale will benefit the foundation.

For the dessert lovers this delectable cupcake is topped with white vanilla butter cream frosting, orange sprinkles and a white chocolate disc with the foundation’s logo. Whether you like vanilla or chocolate cake, Magnolia Bakery has the customer covered. The cupcake sells for $3.75 with $1.75 of the proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

O'Neal McKnight: Round 2

We here at joonbug have a deep appreciation for musicians who play at our parties. If it wasn’t for them, our parties would just be a bunch of people standing around staring at each other like a bad high school reunion. Who wants to party like that?

Nevertheless, we hold a special place on our website for people like O’neal Mcknight. Musician, stylist, and overall great person, O’neal is always ready to bring a positive attitude to everything he puts his mind to. His career is quickly rising to an astronomical level and I was privileged to conduct a follow-up to his Halloween interview to ask him questions about his thoughts on where he’s come from and what to expect for the coming year.