Bringing Italy to New York City: Da Marcella Taverna
Delicious Debut: Angus Club Steak House

We’ve recently written about how, with new additions like Arco Cafe, the Midtown East culinary scene has been developing in interesting new ways. And, while the coffeehouse and tapas crowd welcome Arco, fans of the new American steakhouse also have reason to celebrate. Opened on January 27th, Angus Club Steak House is one of the newest of a number of new Midtown steakhouses, and has already started to bring formidable game to the table. A group of industry-star owners (including husband-and-wife team Tara Pizzi and Aldin Gacevic) have set out on a mission to, as Gacevic says, “tweak” the idea of the classic steakhouse, expanding on classic themes to bring the modern and the traditional together.”

Ground Central Coffee

New York is a powerhouse, constantly brimming with energy that cannot be quelled. There’s always a train to catch and a dozen deadlines to meet. And New Yorkers are a rare breed. We need coffee. We crave coffee, breathe coffee, and live coffee. Caffeine fuels us. In a city that never sleeps, a good cup of coffee is essential to keep up with the daily grind.

This installment was dreamt up by Etienne Wiik.As we chatted over croissants and coffee beneath the subtle glow of warm yellow lights, we learned that this young Frenchman was incredibly humble, personable and passionate about catering the best pastries and coffees in New York City.

Brunch at China Grill

If you've been familiar with the Midtown dining scene at any point in the last 20 years, you probably already know about China Grill, restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow's crown jewel establishment. Situated right near the MoMa, China Grill is classy but unpretentious, and their high-quality yet approachable Asian-inspired fare has been delighting diners for twenty-six years. The fact that it's been around for so long, however, doesn't mean they've gone stale. This past Saturday, we stopped by for the first service of their newly introduced Dragon Brunch, and we were pleased to see that China Grill is continuing to innovate and mix it up while staying true to the heart of their culinary style.

Food And Wine Tasting at Masq

Masq weaves a distinct New Orleans flavor into New American food at its Midtown location, which functions as both a restaurant and lounge. Founded by husband and wife George and Nora Chaprastian, the cozy townhouse is graced with a distinct New Orleans flair — the walls are lined with Mardi Gras masks from Italy and the restaurant is furnished with vintage furniture.

There are a number of restaurants in New York that try to replicate Cajun cooking, but sadly not all these restaurants nail the authenticity in taste and texture. Fortunately, Masq proves that this restaurant triumphs in serving quality New American food with a distinct Cajun flair.

Nerai: A Mediterranean Dream in Midtown

Greek restaurants aren't often described as elegant. Perhaps Greek dining evokes images of hand-painted scenes of Athens, scents of meat roasting on a spit, and a rowdy family reminiscent of Dancing Zorba's in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Of course, these stereotypes can't be applied to all Greek eateries, but there are plenty in NYC that match the former description.

Enter Nerai: a spacious, chic Greek restaurant that defies any and all presumptions about regional dining (Midtown included). Walk between the sheer white curtains, dancing from the high ceilings like low-hanging clouds on a beach, and sit at a table with soft cushions roped to benches, as if you're about to relax on a luxurious yacht. And it's pretty smooth sailing from here.

B & Co's Exclusive Debut

Nestled between two sprightly green bushes at 14 East 58th Street sits the new restaurant and bar B&Co. Max Burgio, the private club owner, set out to establish a venue concept with a European style ultrachic-haven in mind. B & Co includes an 85-seat capacity on the first floor, a lounge area where customers can order off small-plate menu on the second with capacity of 100 seats and 250 stand, and a private club on the third with capacity of 50 seats and 100 standing.

Inquire here about their exclusive Prive membership.

Pampano's New Sea to Table Tasting Menu

When Pampano invited us to sample its new Sea to Table tasting menu for the fall season, we were beyond thrilled. The celebrated midtown restaurant from opera singer Placido Domingo and Chef Richard Sandoval serves Mexican coastal cuisine in its chic Turtle Bay duplex, formerly recognized as Domingo.

Back In Black Takes Over Miami on Halloween Weekend

Go BIG Productions, , the team responsible for putting together Swedish House Mafia’s notorious Masquerade Motel parties and the newest addition to the festival roster UR1 Festival, has gotten together to bring us Back In Black, Miami’s largest costume dance music party.

For the third annual fest, EDM fans will get to don their dance friendly duds and lash out to some of the top names in the world of electronic music including Dirty South, Paul van Dyk, Funkagenda, The Crystal Method, LA Riots and Electrik Dread. Hosted in a 100,000 square foot tent in Miami’s Midtown, this year’s Back in Black promises to be the largest one yet with even more surprise artists, yet to be named.

For more information and to purchase tickets, click here.