A Sneak Peak at Fabio Cucina Italiana

Tomorrow, Fabio Cucina Italiana will open its doors for the first time. Last night, we were lucky enough to get a sneak peak and sample some of the delicious cuisine from the fine Italian restaurant and internationally-trained Chef Fabio Hakill.

The brightly-lit establishment is hard to miss at its location in Midtown East. The wide, open windows and white decor almost make the restaurant look more like a gallery from the outside. Walking in, a small bar sits on the left while two small rows of cozy tables line the center of the room. Toward the back, a partition separates more private tables intended for larger parties. Almost everything is white save the padded seats, one wall with an appropriately antiquated Italian quote, and an eye-catching painting on the farthest wall. An uptilted mirror toward the center of the restaurant gives the tight space a more open feel.

Glaze Teriyaki Welcomed to Union Square

The end of August marked a great occasion for the Glaze Teriyaki chain. Hailing from Seattle, Glaze Teriyaki showcases delectable Japanese/Korean street food to metropolitan areas. Glaze Teriyaki opened its first restaurant in Midtown East in New York in 2010, and after much success, the branch has expanded to Union Square.

Owner Paul Krug and Chef Dennis Lake joined forces to open this second location downtown. The menu at the Union Square location remains the same as its Midtown sister, and trust us, this is a good thing. The simple menu consists of traditional teriyaki plates, where you can choose from chargrilled chicken thigh or breast, Japanese bbq hangar steak, organic salmon, pork loin, wok vegetables, or soy maritnated tofu as your main entree. Served over a bed of short grain white or brown rice, along with a side salad, the dish is a steal, with prices from $6.75-$9.50. The dish comes with so much food, it's enough for two meals. Pair with it some side dishes and you'll leave a happy customer. Sides range from $3-$5 with options like edamame, cold sesame soba noodles, shishito peppers cucumber salad, crispy gyoza, and spicy Asian bbq pickles. Chef Dennis Lake is passionate about the Glaze Teriyaki franchise and sure knows how to whip up some good grub. Another plus of dining at Glaze Teriyaki, besides the fact that it's quick and affordable, is that the restaurant is dedicated to using all natural proteins and local products whenever possible.

George Iordanou On His Latest Venture 'NOIR'

George Iordanou, owner of NOIR has worked in every single motto of the food industry. He has cleared tables, washed dishes and worked in the kitchen, but his past investments (One51, Taj Restaurant and Lounge and a partnership in Nikki Beach) is what got him in to the business side of the restaurant industry. Noir, Designed by Andre Escobar, took the place of Nikki Beach in Midtown East in June.

Chef Angelo Sosa's New Restaurant

Chef Angelo Sosa of Yumcha in Greenwich Village and Xie Xie in Hell's Kitchen opened Social Eatz in Midtown East last Thursday for dinner service and plans to start serving lunch in the next couple weeks.

The concept for this new eatery is "All American food--burgers, hot dogs, soups--with an Asian twist!" This one-level, low ceiling, industrially decorated space with orange and black accents has both tables and bar seating. With its loud music and hip staff in t-shirts, the service was informative and approchable.

New York's Ze Café Bursts with Flowers, Flavor and Fantasy

At Midtown East dining spot Ze Cafè, flowers, food and flavor collide.

The owners, Brazilian husband and wife florists, moved their flower shop around the corner and transformed the old space, a converted antique carriage space, into the dining room that stands today: an elegantly adorned restaurant with earthy wood paneling, exposed brick and, naturally, several lustrous bouquets. From the floral arrangements, to the blossoms in the soup, to the wine's floral notes, this charming French eatery is all about the flowers. Imported French wicker chairs and classical music, coupled with the atmosphere, making this dining spot one of appealing warmth.

Taste Japan....With Your Eyes

j-CATION-Taste Japan
Saturday, April 10, 2010
1pm-1am (12:30pm for tickets)
Japan Society
333 East 47th Street (Btw. 1st & 2nd Aves)
New York, NY 10017
(212) 832-1155
$5 Suggestion Donation
**Tickets first come, first serve**

Feast your eyes, and mouth, on everything Japan and its culture has to offer. J-CATION-Taste Japan, hosted at the Japan Society on Saturday, April 10th, is a day-long event filled with classes, lectures, art and films, and tastings-all Japanese, all day. Japanese culture is taught through food at j-CATION.

Fried Chicken Fridays at Aretsky's Patroon

What better way to unwind after a long, cold week of work and stress than with a crispy, succulent piece of fried chicken? Every Friday, join the fried chicken fanatics at Aretsky's Patroon for Fried Chicken Fridays hosted by Chef Charles Gabriel. Soul-food chef Gabriel brings his fried chicken recipe from his restaurant Charles Pan Fried Chicken in Harlem.

Hosted on the 2nd floor of Aretsky's Patroon in the Gibson Room, the Fried Chicken Friday menu is only $25, which buys you 3 pieces of Gabriel's pan fried chicken, 2 sides, cornbread, and a dessert of banana pudding. Choice of sides include black eyed peas, collard greens, potato salad, candied yams, macaroni & cheese, and a trio of okra, tomatoes and corn. Piano player Benjamin Healy brings spirit to the night with honky-tonk music.

One piece of the crispy, tender pan fried chicken and a little time spent with friends and some lively honky-tonk music is bound to melt away any stress carried over from a busy week of work.

Brasserie Turns 50... and we all Celebrate

Brasserie, the upscale French restaurant serving modern French cuisine, is celebrating their 50th birthday next month. What better birthday present to us all than to offer a free 3-course lunch to all those who call-in a lunch reservation on their b-day, September 17th. Don’t worry though… If you miss the lunch, the next one hundred callers will get a free dinner after nine p.m. For the rest of us, in the style of the recession money-saving prixe fixe dinners, Brasserie will be offering 3 courses after 9 for $19.59 from the 17th until the end of the year. Tres bien. For reservations (and quite possibly a free meal) call (212) 751-4840.

Midtown East
East 53rd Street between Park and Lexington
New York, NYC 10022

What's Your Poison?

In its Haute Cocktails article, NY Mag has listed a few of the city’s favorite cocktail bars. For superior reporting, read about them here a la Joonbug’s description.

King Cole Bar Lounge - Midtown East
2 E. 55th Street (near 5th Avenue) (212) 753-4500

Hotel bars are often among the best places to indulge and King Cole Bar Lounge at the St. Regis Hotel is no exception. Famous for its Bloody Mary, (an apparent descendant of the Red Snapper cocktail at Harry’s Bar in Paris) this mahogany-paneled booze grotto is a haven for those who like to drink in the old style. After you’ve had 10 Gin Gimlets (and will hence have to pawn those diamond earrings inherited from your grandmother), you can lean back cozily in your comfortable bar stool and summon Dean Martin’s ghost.

La Fonda del Sol Gets A Facelift