Oodles of Noodles: The Top 5 Ramen Spots in NYC

For serious eaters both here and especially in Japan, ramen noodles are a religion. Here are our favorite spots that have gained some serious slurping traction.


When temps dip, we instantly crave noodles. And, when noodles pop into our heads, we almost always turn to Ippudo. The hip, East Village noodle joint serves up serious ramen like the Akamaru ramen, a bowl of noodles with red miso, black garlic oil, and ivory slices of Berkshire-pork. Ippudo always has a line, but it’s also always worth the wait.

Ippudo is located at 65 4th Avenue New York

Ramen: The Ultimate Rain Food

It's the middle of May and still not very Spring-like in New York City. As the rain continues to dribble down the window panes, any and all thoughts of a warm outdoor dining experience dissapear. Forget about prosecco and oysters on the terrace, what we should be eating instead is ramen, and inside please.

Ippudo NY is a trendy and gorgeous little restaurant that serves as the ultimate hideaway from the rain. The ambiance is warm and sleek, the staff is attractive and the food is AMAZING. Within bites of their perfect pork buns and Modern Ramen, your seasonal depression melts and the lousy weather is no longer a concern. Steaming broth and silky vegetables warm the heart and soul, and for meat eaters, the pork loin chasu is just another reason to smile as you slurp up chewy noodles and salty soup. Don't forget to add a perfectly seasoned soft boiled egg, it will boost the ramens deliciousness ten fold.