WFAN "Monday Night Live" at Suite 36 Restaurant and Lounge

Story by Samantha Saunio

Monday Night Football just got a whole new look. Join NY Giants linebacker Carl Banks and KimberlyJones at Suite 36 Restaurant and Lounge for their pre game broadcast as they round up plays from the previous weekend, interview the experts, and give insider previews for upcoming games. And if that wasn’t enough to spark your attention, Suite 36’s layout definitely will. 42 inch TVs, full service dining, a 50 foot bar and their very own in house juice bar will make your Monday night football experience one to remember. So grab a couple of friends, put on your favorite football jersey and head over to Suite 36 to pregame like a pro.

Our Weekly Party Picks

In between the shopping, the decorations, and the countless attempts at the perfect cup of hot chocolate- you can squeeze in some football with ESPN legend Steve Porter or maybe some night shopping in Brooklyn. Whether it's party, dance, or shop, this week's party guide is a must. Read on!

Steve Porter Hosts Monday Night Football at Bounce

When: Monday December 12th 8:00PM-12:00AM

Redirekt: Official Giant Step Holiday Party

The closer it gets to Christmas, the colder it seems to be. And with all of NYC’s love for everything social, you can’t blame us for having random dubtastic dance parties on a Tuesday night. Between all the 5 hour energies and power naps, you should be fine to party a little at Giant Step’s third holiday party installment. Picture dancing to Redirekt! Vikter Duplaix’s best dubstep, house, and progressive from night to early morning. Tickets are $10 (free before midnight) and there’s an open vodka bar from 9:00-10:00PM. Let the drunken dancing commence.

Have a Ballin' Time Monday Nights at Alfama

We all know and love neighborhood haunt, Alfama, but get ready for tonight's opening of Ball Night Mondays (get your mind out of the gutter)! Fill your tummies with delicious eats and libations while you watch your favorite teams battle it out on the football field. Enjoy meatball and beer specials every Monday night on Alfama's flatscreen TVs in the bar.

Take your pick of three different meatballs --pork, shrimp and ginger, lamb or veal, and pair it with a Portuguese draft beer called Sagres for $12. And if you're feeling extra ballsy, feel free to order up additional meatballs for $3 a piece. If you want to stick with Alfama's Portuguese theme for the night, we recommend trying the pork, shrimp, and ginger meatball, which is a Macanese recipe from the Macau colony. Don't skip out on this great deal...all night on Mondays, starting now!

LIV SUN LIFE Stadium Monday Night Football Dolphins VS Patriots Mon Oct 4th

This Monday night, experience football in a whole new light. After last weekends successful opening of LIV at Sun Life Stadium, be there for round two as the Miami Dolphins take on the New England Patriots Monday, October 4. Famed DJ, Mr. Mauricio, will be spinning throughout the night as Grammy winning artist, Kelly Rowland, hits the mic for the half time show. Don’t miss out on the pre-kickoff party, with sponsored performance by Brett Michaels. You will surely want to enjoy this epic night of football from one of the many cabanas or tables LIV at Sun Life has to offer.

Friday Night Football

You heard it whispered in sports bars, and discussed in low tones at the office. There have been rumours flying around gym locker rooms, and knowing looks exchanged at late night poker games. The word is out. Pete Rozelle and Roone Arledge never imagined they would have to compete with this…

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Lingerie Football League. Not since the early 1920’s, and the introduction of beach volleyball to the Californian coast has a female sport been so hotly talked about. With your hearts racing, and palms sweating as your eyes scroll these words, I will confirm that all that you had hoped but never dared to dream for, has come to be. September sported the inaugural game of the LFL, between the Miami Caliente and the Chicago Bliss. These names are not to be ridiculed – if a team can take itself seriously being called the Red Bulls, or the Wizards, then a team called Caliente (whose name holds more truth to it than a team of 11 men who look nothing like red bulls), should also command our respect.

Legendary Football Figure Announces Retirement

It’s a sad day for football fans everywhere. Let me take a moment to wipe away my tears. My boy Madden will be leaving the airways behind to raise his grandchildren and spend time with his wife.

The former voice of Monday Night Football and Hall of Fame coach says it’s just that time. He is celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary and says his grandchildren are noticing when he is not around. Screw that, I’ll notice you’re not around Madden.

Now I have to settle for Troy Aikman’s biased announcing style when I watch football. There will be no one say “BOOM!” or give a kindergarten explanation of a complicated Shotgun formation and play. It won’t be the same with someone else giving out the Thanksgiving Turkey Leg Award - and who will take the Madden bus on tour now?