Mr. West Goes South?!

It was decided that the ever-so-trendy Chelsea Night lounge Mr. West will be locking up its doors for good next month. When lounge owners Danny Divine and DJ Jus traded in their 22nd Street nightspot earlier this week, they decided it would be for the undeniable bite of Japanese food and late night drink. Patrons will be sad to see this piece of nightlife go, but have no fear - there are rumors of Divine opening up another late night establishment in Miami in the near future! East coasters say your goodbyes to Mr. West and have a taste of what everyone will be missing!

Around Town, The Republican Challenge

Meat Packing

It's a Thursday. I’m trying to get off the couch because it's already been a long week. Then, the incentive to get motivated comes in the form of a text message from Jessica White. Sport Illustrated models always get me motivated. She’s in town, bored and wants to hangout. My response? I’m in! She’s staying at the Standard Hotel. I offer to pick her up because I haven’t been there yet and I’m curious. The hotel lobby is small and there is a cute little bar that services the lobby. I’m sure there’s more to come. Mean while, Ms. White has me waiting 20 minutes. Jeez… I love it!

It's been a long time.

Well, it's been some time. I have sat down to write so often but my mind has been a log jam of activity. I know I promised details of Fashion Week in New York but it was such a hectic time. I’ll leave what I wrote then. It's enough.

Green Star

The best thing that happened during New York Fashion Week was that I was able to put two friends together on a green initiative. Charles Roberts has an amazing concept; market forces that drive companies to become more environmentally friendly. The idea is to rate a company's carbon footprint and allow consumers to choose amongst the competing brands. Each brand is rated with a green star, which represents how environmentally friendly they are - five stars being the best and no stars meaning they are basically egregous polluters.

Featured Venue: Mr. West

Mr. West
Scene: Trendy Lounge

Like a modern day club Snitch on Manhattan's West Side, Mr. West is a relatively small, upscale dance lounge that turns the volume up as high as it can go. Intensely clandestine, the outside of this place is simply black, with no sign, just a line of the young and hot clamoring to get inside. Inside, the walls are covered in heavy curtains which- we can only guess - serve to soak up some sound. A dramatic bronze mirror runs the length of one side of the space. The club's signature decorative touch is a ceiling fixture made of lampshades that blink and pulsate in time with the beat. Black velvet banquettes line the walls, girls take to the couches, and bottle service is the norm. Mr. West offers seasoned party goers a quintessential New York dance lounge, minus the snobby attitude, and plus a sweaty-drunk dance floor.