Review: Sensation Ocean of White — Miami 2013

Following two successful nights in Oakland and Las Vegas, Sensation White brought its full production setup to Miami for the next stop along its current U.S. Tour. Known for nesting the home of the Miami Heat, it's not often that the American Airlines Arena hosts an electronic music event within its doors. But with the magnitude of an event like Sensation White, no other venue would have done justice. As guests flocked from all corners of South Florida, and even from around the world, to Miami's beautiful oceanfront cityscape, it was easy to distinguish between your average downtown wayfarer and those who were gearing up for a dive into the depths of Sensation's Ocean of White. Approaching the steps of the Arena, guests joined their fellow pioneers in anticipation for their odyssey into the unknown. For that special night alone, the idea of not wearing white after Labor Day bore no meaning whatsoever.

Sensation Innerspace Comes To America

A sea of white clad ravers of all kinds set out to Brooklyn, New York on the weekend of Oct. 26th for the European born event, Sensation Innerspace. Gracing major cities like Amsterdam, Oslo and Belgium, the monumental event was the first of its kind to hit the States and it made shockwaves as the first dance music show to christen the Barclays Center.

On Saturday, upon entering Barclays, the subways and streets were filled to the brim with the masses of fans donning their all-white-everything apparel, all in amazing spirit of course. In the main arena lied an unbelievable stage set up. From the all white lotus flower acropolis that hosted the rotating DJ booth to the extreme production elements to the sound system, Sensation was bound to leave an incredible and successful mark on New York that night.