Trends: London Fashion Week Spring 2012

PRIM AND PROPER Spring is the perfect season for sweet, ladylike silhouettes. Modest collared and crew neck tops along with knee brushing skirt lengths, this trend leaves the rest to imagination and it never looked so sexy. Preen showed affinity for the feminine aesthetic with flirty dresses and separates in a saccharine color palette, dainty waists, and bits of ruffled detail. A favorite among the best-dressed British it-girls, (a certain Duchess of Cambridge and her equally stylish sis,) Issa London showed perfect prim and proper for spring. A pleated A-line skirt topped with a modest jacket creates flattering proportions in pastel neutrals and a pop of baby blue piping. In very romantic, neutral lace, Mulberry shows us classic ladylike ready-to-wear. Lace covered suiting includes a pencil skirts and cropped jackets paired with tailored button up (all the way up!) shirts – the exact ensemble we imagine at a posh English tea.

Chic New Boutique Openings

What’s better than shopping your favorite brands, locally, in the city? Shopping your favorite brands at a brand spanking new retail space, of course! We’ve rounded up details on the latest new ventures, each bringing their own unique flair to various Manhattan neighborhoods. Crisp and clean, fresh and new, we guarantee these stores to be worth the trek around town.

Lacoste, a brand synonymous with preppy chic, brings their niche to a new market with a brand new store opening in Soho mall. The 4,700 square-foot space opened this past weekend featuring men’s, women’s, and children’s lines and the most extensive footwear assortment in the country. The “Croc’s new look downtown” is slightly less institutional and a bit more historical behind the cast iron fronted location. Colorful contemporary collections and accessories are plentiful; a 180-degree turnaround from the Footlocker that previously occupied the address. Located on one of the most trafficked streets in New York, the newest venture is expected to rank among the brand’s highest-grossing stores per square foot. The streamlined shopping experience at Lacoste remains and despite our appreciation, we’ve concluded OCD must be a requirement to work there.
541 Broadway (between Prince and Spring Streets); 212-219-9204

Gary Spencer: Traversing Fashion Week

Hi Joonbuggers!

A quick welcome to my new weekly column (and that was it if you missed it) and now lets get down to business.

And business it was last week especially for all the stores that participated in Fashion's Night Out, but more of that in a minute, first I want to talk about the sharp end of fashion week, the shows. I kicked off this season by taking a strut down to West Broadway to check out the new collection from Prince Peter, that cheeky little character talent who seems always to hang with the hippest and best looking people on the planet. As usual his show was full of great looking things draped in his designs and the liquor was free-flowing and plentiful which was a result for me because I then got a chance to eat it off by going in to see my old mate Kevin, the Maitre D at Balthazar which was, needless to say, filled to the brim as usual .

Mulberry Goes To Target
A Fashionista in LA, A Nobody in NY

I am a style Icon. Kate Moss, if you will. At least you would think so if you were to judge by the number of compliments and queries I receive on my outfits each day. Initially, I simply found the comments flattering. Everything appeared to get undue attention, be it my Topshop ballet flats with the gold tipped toe, my David Yurman statement ring or charcoal grey Mulberry purse. But then, as the comments became more frequent and the queries of "Where did you get those?" more recurrent, it suddenly dawned on mePeople were complementing my outfits because they stood out. Apparently, I looked different in LA. This was new to me, as in my home city of London, or on one of my frequent trips to New York, I blend right into the crowd. In those cities, the compliments take a vacation even though my outfits remain the same. This led me to conclude that there must be a fundamental difference between the way people dress in LA compared to London and New York.

A Little Red for the Holidays

This holiday season, Gap and its (Product) Red collection have joined forces with Mulberry, Liberty and RM by Roland Mouret to create special pieces to honor World AIDS Day. Starting Saturday at the Fifth Avenue and 54th Street store here in New York City, as well as its Regent Street, London and Champs-Elysées, Paris spaces, half of the profits raised from sales of these products will go toward the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa.

The RM by Roland Mouret cotton scarf with print by artist James Webster and the pink Liberty print tote bag retail at $40 dollars. The Mulberry Bayswater bag made from red sweatshirt material retails for $150. These are limited edition pieces, so there will be only one delivery of the collections. Check the other (Product) Red pieces that include Hallmark cards and Red Converse sneakers.