NYC: Celebrate Freedom at This Week's Parties

When: 5pm - 10pm

Where: Turtle Bay, 987 2nd Ave

When: 10pm - close

Where: Avenue, 116 10th Avenue

When: 12pm - 4am

Where: STK Rooftop, 26 Little W 12th Street

When: 3pm - 9pm

Where: Dekalb Market, 138 Willoughby Street, Brooklyn.

When: 6pm - Midnight

Where: Hudson Terrace, 621 west 46th St.

When: 12pm - Midnight

Where: Pier 92, 711 12th Ave

When: Noon - 5pm

Where: Manhattan and Brooklyn

When: 10pm - close

Where: The Room Mate Grace Hotel Lounge

When: 9pm - close

Where: Empire Hotel Rooftop, 44 W. 63rd St.

When: 7pm - 9pm

Where: Museum of Modern Art

Fresh Openings for the Art Curious

For those inclined to spend their leisure away from the insidious allure of NYC’s night scene, there are plenty of culture-friendly alternatives in the art world. NYC being a veritable Mecca for artistry (in all forms), there is never shortage of brilliance on display. Whether it’s through paint, film, or photo, there is a plethora of skill layered within every medium.

Art appreciation is double-edged sword of sorts: fleeting in its exposure, though infinitely more desirable because of it. Don’t let these exhibits pass you by, for their presence is tantalizingly evanescent!

New Art Exhibits Worth the Coin

Culture encompasses more than the ubiquitous salacity of the evening. Enveloped within this complex institution are the finer arts—various mediums striving for expression in myriad form. As perhaps the most subjective element in human culture, Art’s multifaceted allure rests upon its ability to resonate in some and not others.

Therefore, any reporting of New York’s diverse art scene is incomplete without an equally versatile offering. In light of that, here are 5 recently (or soon to be) opened art exhibits occurring throughout the city.

The Weekly Party Rx

Once again, the impending doom of another dolorous work weeks loom heavy on the minds of the feisty, over-worked proletariat! In the consummate war against apathy, monotony, and all the other odious byproducts of respectability and reason, there is only one true salvation: seizing the raucous potential embedded within even the most unassuming of evenings!

Fear not.The doctor is in, and doling out copious handfuls of revelry—one day at a time!


Wine School

When: Monday, March 5th: 6pm

Must the fickle omnibus of boisterous joviality always arrive in the form of thundering tuneage and overflowing liquid consolations? Fret not, for those in the market for an evening of intellectual stimulation—conveniently paired with liberal alcohol consumption, of course—than check out the City Winery’s monthly wine seminar. $70 secures your spot in this month’s incarnation, focusing specifically on “White Wine Vinification”—aka, a celebration of the lighter, oft-more accessible grape varietal!

Letter to the Editor: An APL a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

My first dining experience at APL was exceptional and certainly not my last. The electric-wallpaper LES sweet spot located on Orchard Street entices your eye as well as your stomach.

Upon entry you are immediately captivated by the bright and colorful textured wall art that could very well serve as a backdrop for your next Facebook default photo shoot. The kaleidoscope colors were chosen by none other than Shepard Fairey, whose work hangs in the Museum of Modern Art.