Pharrell Performs At NBA All-Star Game

This past weekend there was a lot of celebration going on in New Orleans for the NBA All-Star Weekend, bringing in celebrities of all types from around the world to watch one of the most glorified sporting events in America. One of those celebs was none other than Pharrell Williams, who was invited to perform before the All-Star game between the East and West. The 20 minute performance was comprised of some of Pharrell's classic hits, as well as his newest single, "Happy". He brought out some friends for the performance as well - Diddy, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Chad Hugo, Nelly, and his now legendary hat came back with a new style. Check it out above!

Review & Interview: Sol Cat

What's the story behind your name?

How did you all get your start?

Who are your biggest musical influences?

B: I think with us, it's just so far across the board that it goes back and forth a lot. I mean, we'll kind of write a song and we'll be like, “oh, this kind of has that vibe,” and then we'll write another one. It still sounds the same to us because we're doing it, but it's definitely pretty across the board. I know I kind of grew up with a lot of soul music, and so that was kind of like my staple. And John, he's from Texas, so he had a lot of country, and Jerry's from Saint Louis, so he likes…Nelly [laughs] so it’s kind of a real hodgepodge of a lot of separate genres. I feel like everything comes together with the idea that we just make music that we love. I realize that didn’t really answer your question, but…well.

Are you trying to get any certain message across with your music?

What’s next for you guys?

Talib Kweli Reveals 'Prisoner of Conscious' Details

Earlier this year, rap veteran Talib Kweli released the solo album Gutter Rainbows, a title inspired by Catcher in The Rye, which was completely self-financed and independent of the mainstream record industry. Kweli is known for chasing the thrill of a new project where ever and whenever it might come up, and to keep with his chameleon style, he recently announced his plans to follow up Gutter Rainbows with another album before the year is over.

Prisoner of Conscious is Kweli’s next project in the making and the collection is rumored to be something of an extremely late sequel to 2007’s Ear Drum. So far there’s been word of guest features from his Black Star partner Mos Def, as well as top dogs Curren$y, Kendrick Lamar, Jean Grae, Maino, and uh, randomly, Nelly?

Win Tickets To Think Pink Rocks
South Florida "Can't Handle Me"

It must be nice to be a famous rapper coming back home to the friendly confines of South Florida.

Carol City native Flo Rida has a busy weekend ahead of him - His birthday celebration Friday night at LIV in South Beach and then the third installment of Think Pink Rocks in Boca Raton with 50 Cent on Saturday in support of breast cancer and awareness.

Before heading off to catch LeBron and the new Heat squad in the team’s preseason opener Tuesday night, Flo took a few minutes to chat it up with Mike Rothman about his monster hit “Club Can’t Handle Me”, his new album Only One, his past working with Kesha and someday wanting to work with the legendary Outkast.

Vegas is Where the MAGIC's At

It may have just been fashion week in New York, but this week the MAGIC is in Las Vegas. The Men's Apparel Guild in California, or the snappy acronym MAGIC, is one of the biggest global events in the fashion world. Celebrating its 77th anniversary this year, MAGIC has drawn 700,000 people to the Strip including designers, manufacturers, and celebrities with their own lines.

This is the first year the convention has expanded to include both the Las Vegas Convention Center as well as the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. The women's wear is displayed throughout the original convention halls while the menswear and new footwear FN platforms are at Mandalay.

Celebs Ring in The New Year in Vegas

Whether they were playing host, making special guest appearances, or just looking to party, celebrities flocked to Vegas to celebrate New Year's Eve last Thursday. Here's the rundown of the hottest ways celebs rang in 2010.

Black Eyed Peas at LAX

Fergie and husband Josh Duhamel stayed close throughout the night once they arrived at LAX in the Luxor. Black Eyed Peas member Apl.De.Ap entertained the crowd with his spinning while the rest of his band mates (minus the love-birds) cheered him on from the DJ booth.

Nelly Furtado Releases Spanish Album

The sun shines bright through the plexiglas window adjacent to the wrap-around balcony inside a penthouse of a chic South Beach hotel. The view from high up above is one to fall in love with as a calm and steady stream of waves, accompanied by piercing blue skies, come to rest on the white sand. The snapshots on this picturesque day are postcard material, but for Nelly Furtado a plate of arroz con pollo, or any kind of Cuban cuisine, would be a thing of beauty.