Say Sayonara to These Trends Come Fall

Trends come and go…and come again, and then go again. Some stay for a long period of time, while others have their 15 minutes of fame. Regardless, trends in fashion are the most powerful pieces of knowledge one can hone in order to get their cred in the industry, which is why all fashion enthusiasts will agree, it’s crucial to know what will be coming into style next, and what is oh-so-out of season- god forbid we wear a style that has been officially dubbed as out of style by fashion experts and then get caught in the act! That is why we here at Glam Damn It have found a few popular trends that have taken over the style world for one, two, even four seasons, and are predicted to finally retire come fall 2012. Take a peek at these looks and be ‘in the know’ for the seasons to come!

Spring Nail Trends Straight Off The Runway

Runway shows are ushering in new trends reaching far beyond just clothing and accessories, thanks to the insurgence of backstage beauty coverage gaining almost as much popularity as the shows themselves. Hair and makeup, as seen on models from your favorite shows, are gaining space in the limelight and quickly setting trends for the season. Nails too are no exception, and direct re-iterations of clothing trends have been popping up on fingers and toes everywhere.

These designers opted for bold, patterned looks on the nails of the models sent down the runway. From bright color-blocks to graphic creations, this trend runs the gamut with countless options for your creative pleasures.

Stylish Rain Boots to Ring in Spring Showers

Dressing for the weather is always a daunting task this time of year, especially given the erratic weather patterns experienced as of late.

80 degrees and not a cloud in the sky one week, dreary and cold the’s enough to give a girl a true case of Seasonal Affect Disorder.

The good news?

Spring is finally here and the temperatures will only rise from here, so chase away what’s left of those bad weather blues with a pair of bright, punchy rain boots. Not only will these make facing the inevitable downpours that much more tolerable, but you’ll look stylish and have fun while doing it!

Stuff We Love: Bright, Boxy Bags

It was the fashion trend seen 'round the world during this past fashion week brigade. The bright, boxy bag made repeat appearances on the arms of fashionistas all over. Fashion bloggers in the know such as Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere, Atlantic-Pacific’s Blair, and Carolina of Fashion Squad, have illustrated the many ways you can style this fun springtime accessory.

Ultra Music Festival Survival Guide

The bad news: Last year the festival was at Bicentennial Park, a significantly smaller venue than this year’s Bayfront Park. There was little to no cellphone connection available, probably because I was sandwiched in a mass of 100,000+ people. I can’t speak for the new venue’s cellphone abilities, but with an additional 50,000 people, I’m assuming the same problem will present itself. Your best bet is to set up sporadic meeting spots amongst your friends throughout the day, in case someone in your group gets separated.

Not Your Typical Neon

Neon is making a victory lap and a successful comeback this spring in all sorts of ways. It made an appearance a few seasons ago, and of course we all remember its big hit in the electric eighties, but is it possible that this somewhat tacky look has come to our spring 2012 making a classy third appearance?

We here at Joonbug have found a few neon favs for this spring that could definitely make the once-was cheap trend, turn into a fashion forward chic look.

Check out our favorite bright pieces that made the Not Your Typical Neon list in the slideshow!

Vegas Style Spring Brights

Las Vegas is famous for it's gambling, flashy clubs, and neon lights. To some, it's hideous. To others, it's beautiful- especially when you consider how much of an impact it has on fashion! Just think Gucci Fall 2011 at Milan Fashion Week (left). The bright aqua and violet shown throughout the line wouldn't work anywhere else, but this season, it'll be all over Vegas! Here are some options for any budget:

1. Betsey Bowie Tote in Magenta ($268). We absolutely love this oversized bag by Betsey Johnson! It's bright color makes it stand out against other bags, and the small details like studs and fringe will be present all throughout spring! Plus, the mini lips keychain is far beyond adorable!