PizzArte Serves Up Italian Like No Other

Most New Yorkers claim they know the best pizza joint in town. But tell your fave hub to move on over because recently opened PizzArte will surely give it a run for its money.

Step into this modern Italian resto unlike any other. Forget the red checkered table cloths, forget the dim lighting and noisy children -- this hot new spot is not clinging on to the same ol' Italian restaurant theme. Instead, owners Bruno Cilio and Dario Cipollaro de l'Ero (first time restaraunteurs) opted to decorate with mod tables and lights and walls covered in great Italian artwork (perfect, since it's situated just footsteps away from the MoMA). The artists that are currently being displayed there are Lello Esposito, Luciano Scateni, Giuseppe Falconi and Francesco Manes, all of whom are from Naples. The artwork will rotate every four to six months.

The San Gennaro Feast Cooks Up Lasting Memories

A makeshift Napoli, Italy was creatively constructed and temporarily tucked between The Hotel Roosevelt, Hollywood High and El Capitan Theatre in celebration of San Gennaro’s 9th Italian Street Festival this past weekend. American flags, the vivid green, white, and red flags of Italy, shimmering banners and realistic murals of Italy aligned the alleyways in an appealing and multicolored hue. Amidst the food stalls, vendors, checkered tablecloths, roaming musicians, cigarette girls, stages, cooking demonstrations and games were memorabilia depicting heroic Italian Americans and The War Years.