d.b.a./cafe Offers NYC Vibe in Fort Lauderdale

There is no questioning the strong bond that exists between New York City and South Florida. While Miami definitely has a certain Latin flair to it, long before we were all eating pastelitos and recharging with a thimble of cafecito, South Floridians were enjoying bagels and reuben sandwiches at delis strewn throughout our tropical paradise that catered to homesick New Yorkers seeking respite from the frigid temperatures and of The Big Apple. New Yorkers continue to flee to South Florida for what appears to them as being nonexistent winters (South Florida natives would disagree), and much of NYC’s culinary culture has become part of South Florida’s local flavor as we welcome more and more chefs from New York. We love the fact that Jean Georges Vongerichten and Daniel Boulud have made their way down to the 305, and the MiMo district has become infatuated with Daniel Serfer’s Blue Collar restaurant, but the newest New Yorker to look out for is Chef Steve Zobel at his new restaurant d.b.a./cafe in Fort Lauderdale opening later in October.

New Chef Takes Over at The Tangled Vine

The Tangled Vine Wine Bar & Kitchen has tangled up a new chef! John Conlin III, formerly of Savoy, is bringing his farm to table cooking to the venue. The menu will now focus even more on seasonal and local produce and will still have a Mediterranean flair. The new chef is also relaunching brunch with a new menu with delectables such as oyster hash omelette with east coast oysters, the Tangled Vine burger short rib blend, and the hangover special with pork 'n' eggs.

Regular menu items include spring consomme with fava beans, goat cheese dumplings and oyster mushrooms, roasted chicken with green garlic puree and spring onions, and many other tasty treats. Also being served at the restaurant are over 250 wines by the bottle and over 40 by the glass, which are biodynamic, organic, and sustainable from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, and Germany. You can partake in one of their "trios," in which you can sample 2-ounce tastes of three different wines if you can't settle for just one.

New Executive Chef at The Bedford

The Bedford is revamping its menu for the first time since opening in 2010! Along with the appointment of executive chef Jason Michael Giordano, formerly executive chef of Hotel Griffou, chef de cuisine at Mia Dona, and sous chef at Spice Market. Chef Giordano will start releasing new items on the menu, which will focus on contemporary American tavern cuisine.

Samplings from the new menu include bay scallops ceviche, pan roasted duck, and more. The restaurant will also incorporate green market ingredients in their dishes from purveyors such as Acme Smoked Fish Corporation, Meat Hook, and Mast Brothers Chocolate. Come March, the restaurant will also be serving up lunch and unveiling a new pub snack menu at the Back Bar at the Bedford. Don't miss the opportunity to be the first of your friends to check out the new menu!

Flex Mussels: On the Move

Flex Mussels began with a simple concept: using one ingredient in a myriad of creative ways, nothing pretentious or overcomplicated. Three successful years later, after opening an Uptown and later a West Village location, Flex Mussels has stayed true to its mission and Prince Edward Island roots and has continued to push mussels to an entirely new level.

With the recent addition of Michael Sullivan as the new executive chef, this increasingly popular one-item restaurant is experimenting with ideas for new mussel creations and other menu items. Good news: It looks like a third New York restaurant is in the works.

Interview: An Inside Look Into The World Of Hot Dogs

Gain some insight into the world of weiners with the gourmet hot dog connoisseur, Chef Daniel Angerer as he divulges his secrets behind some of the best franks in NYC at his new Hot Dog Restaurant, Brats: Dogs and Weiners.

Natasha Newman: As a blogger yourself, do you find that your relationship with food has changed through your writing and your readers?
Daniel Angerer: It's kind of funny - I just realized that I'm a blogger myself by reading your question! I never considered myself as a "blogger" - my perception is that is what the hip people do. What I write online are the things I do not want to forget - it's a great way to document what I've done in the kitchen, and how that changes throughout the seasons.

NN: As noted on your blog, at your restaurant Klee Brasserie you like to: “make butter from lettuce and sugar from peas”. Do you apply this same cooking style at Brats: Dogs and Wieners?
DA: "Butter from lettuce and sugar from peas" means that my focus is on simple everyday ingredients that are incredibly fresh, from local producers/farmers. If you have good, wholesome products such as fresh lettuce or seasonal Greenmarket fruits, you do not need to mask them with butter or sugar. I maintain this focus at both restaurants.