Get Your New Year's Resolutions Done the Right Way

If you're like us at Joonbug, then you're probably stuck to one, if not all, of your gadgets throughout the day; from your laptop at work, to your smart phone in your hand on the run, to your iPad or tablet when you get home. And every New Year we make promises to ourselves that we'll get healthier or save more money. Well why not use your combined obsession to gadgets and your yearning for a better you this year to your benefit?

App-y New Year!

New year, new you, right? Every January, millions of people pledge to take on a challenge to better themselves. But according to the online Goal Setting Guide, 20% of people drop their resolutions after the first month and by July it's estimated that over half of the remaining resolution-keepers give up. Often times it's easier to keep a resolution when you have someone, or something, to hold you accountable. Try out some of these highly recommended apps to keep you on track all year long.

Stop the New Years Resolutions

Think of every New Year's you have had since now. Bottle of champagne, plastic flute glass, counting down to a brand new year and midnight kisses, always promising yourself this year will be different. But New Year Resolutions are always broken.

Stop making those resolutions. You don’t need a new year to keep to those promises so, don’t waste your time. They will be forgotten in a few months anyway. Don’t set overconfident goals, just take more time this new year to laugh, drink and be merry.