How To Avoid Holiday Mishaps!

The holidays are time to relax and go out with friends, family, and co workers, but don't let your nights be the talk of the town on Monday morning! Here's a few tips to breeze through into 2011:

1. The work party: having worked many holiday parties in the past week, nothing has been less attractive than those that cannot even make it out standing. DO NOT DRINK TOO MUCH. Most work sponsored events have open bar, but go in with a plan to only have 3-4 drinks, or 4-5 if a meal is being served. (Obviously less if you're a lightweight). Avoid being the center of gossip Monday morning, and actually enjoy spending time with friends, instead of time with the bottle (or toilet!).

Go Green On New Year's Eve

I must confess I never thought of saving earth by going to a club before. I first heard of the Greenhouse club because it was a gorgeous, fancy place. Then I realised how special this space is. It is nothing but he first eco-friendly, LEED* registered nightclub in New York designed by Nightlife impresario Jon B.

Check out these amazing lights ! This is something between Alice in Wonderland and Saturday Night Fever. Every thing is recycled and can be recycled as you can see.

LEED certification of Greenhouse nightclub is a designation granted by the U.S. Green Building Council for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design whereas:

  • Everything from building materials and garbage disposal, energy and water usage are regulated and reduced.
  • Walls and floors are made of sustainable bamboo.
  • LED light bulbs are used which use 1/13th of the energy of a regular light bulb.
  • Staff uniforms are made in Africa by Edun, a clothing company owned by Bono and his wife, Alison Hewson.
  • Electricity for the sound system and the rest of the club is 100% wind-powered.
  • Even the toilets save 15,000 gallons annually.