The Latest Fitness Craze: Ballet Bar Method

Ever since last years’ hit film Black Swan proved to the masses that dance-inspired fitness regimes could re-shape bodies, a slew of ballet-based workouts have hit the market. Cardio Barre, Tracey Anderson Method and barre3 all come to mind, along with numeroous less successful competitors. The originator of the dancer workout, however, is The Bar Method.

The Bar Method was started in the 1970’s in San Francisco by former ballerina Lotte Burr. Combining isometrics, ballet, pilates and light weight work the workout is a low impact way to reshape muscle groups and improve flexibility. Bar Method studios have begun to spring up all over the country, but at $250 a month, keeping your tush in perfect shape can get expensive. Luckily, Bar Method offers a series of DVD’s
for busy, long-distance, or financially strapped potential students. At just $20 on The Bar Method website, you can keep your wallet and your thighs happy.

DIY: Raspberry Sugar Body Scrub

One of the most popular New Year's Resolutions is always "to get/stay/be more healthy". At Glam Damn It, we count ourselves among the masses that believe 2012 is going to be our greatest year yet. Not quite two weeks into the New Year and yes, we're keeping up with trying to get to the gym more. And yes, we're watching what we eat and trying to get the recommended average of eight hours of sleep per night. But between jobs and dates and girls' nights, sometimes those things are easier said than done. One way to make sure you always look and feel your healthiest is to start a new skincare regimen. When your skin feels vibrant, you feel so much healthier and more motivated to keep up with those other not-so-simple resolutions.

New Years Resolutions in New York

New Years Resolutions, always high hopes and low success rates. This year why not choose an achievable resolution and take positive steps toward achieving that goal.

Each year New Yorkers take on lofty resolutions that are too much for any one person to achieve. By January 15th the diet has failed, you haven’t ran in a week, and you just smoked a cigarette. Rather than try and take on all of these resolutions, why not focus on one? All too often someone makes a resolution to “get healthy” well getting healthy may involve several steps, for now just choose one whether it be eating well, working out, or quitting smoking.