Joonbug New Year's Eve: Party by Personality Type

When looking for the hottest New Year's Eve parties to end 2013 we at Joonbug know you're looking for tickets that can give you biggest bang for your buck, as well as provide for the best memories. With so many parties to chose from, it can seem a bit overwhelming--but not to worry, we have curated a list of parties as fitted to the four most pivotal personality types.

Whether you're a hipster, cool kid, bro or a rich kid we've got you covered on which scene is best for you!

The Hipster:

Any hipster can be easily spotted by their distinguishable outfit choices consisting mainly of threads from American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, or their local thrift store. Known for going against the scene and popular culture, many hipsters can be spotted flocking together in Williamsburg, Brooklyn snapping off-centered Instagram pictures and picking up new vinyls from bands we’ve never heard of. If this description seems to fit you best you’re going to want to check out the following hipster-friendly Joonbug NYE parties!

New Years Eve Dining
  • If you’re craving an Asian-inspired snack, our party at Tao Uptown will feature Passed Hors D’oeuvres (including Kobe Sliders with Crispy Onions and Thai Chicken Lollipops), as well as a Premium Open Bar from 9PM to 2AM. Tickets start at $135, and are available here.
  • At Meatpacking District hot spot La Cenita, you can enjoy Stationed Platters from 9pm-11pm. Snack on a Meat & Charcuterie Plate or a Kale Caesar Salad as you enjoy your complimentary Champagne. Tickets start at $75, and are available here.
  • Asellina at The Gansevoort Park Hotel will transform into a super-chic lounge for Joonbug’s NYE blowout, and will be serving a Passed Hors D’oeuvres menu from 9pm-11:30pm, with selections such as Mini Arancini and Margarita Flatbread. Tickets start at $95, and are available here.
  • Hear DJ Rizzy’s signature beats at The General while enjoying Salmon Rolls and Spinach Somosas from stationed platters, as well as drinks from the premium open bar.. Tickets start at $115, and are available here.
  • Get your South Pacific on at Flatiron’s Hurricane Club (while drinking at their bar, built with wood reclaimed from the aptly named S.S. Junebug). A special NYE menu will be served to all partygoers. Tickets start at $115 and are available here.
Our Official NYE Safety Guide

New Year's Eve is all about drinking, dancing, and living it up with your loved ones- we get it. But as much as we want you to have fun- we also want you to be safe! New Year's Eve can get hectic and the parties can get out of control, so here's a few tips to ensure that you have a fun filled but safe night!

Alcohol is a guilty pleasure on New Year's Eve, whether it be the champagne toast at midnight or the vodka shots to celebrate the New Year. Remember to always drink responsibly. This means try to keep track of how many drinks you have so as no to overdue it. Don't mix too many different kinds of liquors. Tequila shot with a Jack Daniel's chaser... no thank you. And never leave your drinking down somewhere unattended. We like to see the best in people- but let's face it, there are still sketchy people out there. They say the creeps come out at night- especially New Year's Eve night.

SantaCon is upon us!

SantaCon is more than just dressing up in Christmas attire and getting wasted (even though that's the best part of it). In most cities, like New York, SantaCon is affiliated with charitable good works and donations. In 2011, Santacon New York raised $10,000 for Toys for Tots and donated over 6,000 pounds of food to Manhattan and Brooklyn food banks. SantaCon reminds us to have a good time and celebrate the season, but also to spread cheer and goodwill.

New Year's Party Celebration for All Ages!

New Year's Eve doesn't have to be all about boisterous 20-somethings who are drunkenly hoping for that special someone--or anyone--to kiss at midnight. There are great venues that have parties for all ages and perfect for families. New York has something for everyone;kids, grownups, and teens all looking to party like rock stars. And Joonbug knows where it's all going down on December 31st.

Dave and Buster's in Times Square offers your standard five-hour premium open bar, but also includes a full buffet, dancing, and arcade games for the kids. This 31,500 square foot venue offers over 200 arcade games, and will feature a live DJ performance to get the party juices flowing well before the New Year. Catch live coverage of the ball dropp from flat panels and projection screens and a champagne toast at midnight.

Your Guide To New Year's Eve Style!

The new year is coming, and so are the celebrations. If you haven't yet, then it's time to start thinking about what you'll be wearing New Year's Eve! From black tie to hipster chic, for guys, and for girls, Joonbug's got the hottest trends, and the how-to on what to wear when the clock strikes twelve. Follow our guide below to know exactly what you should wear to our parties being held nationwide! Start the new year off in style.

Joonbug is hosting some of the swankiest ballroom events in many cities. Such parties include the Crystal Tea Room in Philadelphia, Timeless New Year's Eve at the Colonnade in Boston, as well as Cipriani , Capitale, Gotham Hall, and Gustavinos in NYC.

The Perks of Attending a Private Event on New Year's Eve!

Still don't have plans for New Year's Eve? Well look no further. Joonbug is bringing you some of the hottest and most exclusive parties to celebrate the end of 2013. Treat yourself this year and let us do all the hard work and planning for you. Purchase one of our tickets today and enjoy your night like a VIP! And if that wasn't convincing enough... here's a couple more reasons why you should let us take care of you this New Year's Eve.

The club scene not your thing? How about throwing on your fancy pants and kicking off the New Year by partying at a ballroom instead? We're hosting parties at some of the coolest and most luxurious ballrooms. Cipriani and Capitale in NYC, The Crystal Tea Room in Philly and many more! Feel like an heiress or a prince as you munch on hors d'ouevres and sip down crafty cocktails underneath crystal chandeliers. The Great Gatsby has nothing on us.

Toast To The Year Ahead At Tao Restaurant

A New York City legend, TAO Restaurant, is brought to you by the Strategic Group, who is also the powerhouse behind LAVO, Avenue and Marquee, which are known as some of NYC’s finest nightlife establishments. It’s no doubt that TAO is the ultimate triple threat on the scene. An Asian bistro by day and swanky lounge by night, TAO easily has top bragging rights as a premier mega-restaurant, sophisticated cocktail lounge and full throttle nitery. Known to the world for hosting exclusive affairs, TAO is one of the leaders of velvet rope Manhattan.

Resolve Yourself to the New Year

"I love New Year’s resolutions!" said no one ever. Admit it: The only thing worse than ruminating over the past year, determining what needs to change in the coming months, and pretending you're going to stick to your guns is answering fellow NYE party-goers when asked what you will do differently in the coming year. Only a masochist likes to admit they were out of line before and torture themselves for the next 365 days in a traditionally punitive response to said actions. And yet many of us lay claims for future endeavors, whether or not we see it through (past January 2).

But did you know that some people actually (gasp) like New Year's resolutions and look forward to enacting them? You can be that person, too. Promise. It comes down to content and commitment, and it's not as painful as it seems. First, you need to pick a realistic goal. You are a busy human! You work, you relationship, you take care of your home and loved ones and hopefully your self, maybe even a hobby or two-- there's not much time for anything else in your life. There are only so many hours in a day! So start small.