Fifty Shades of Grey Movie Announced

The bestselling book, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, is on it's way to the big screen, set to release next year. Author E.L James announced the highly anticipated film adaptation on Monday, while also revealing the actors who will play the main characters.

Dakota Johnson will star as Anastasia Steele and Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey. Johnson is best known for her small role in the Oscar winning film the Social Network, while Hunnam is known for his role in the series Sons of Anarchy .

Big Changes for NYC Favorite 'Eleven Madison Park'

Over the past 14 years Eleven Madison Park has had a reputation as one of the best places to eat in New York City. With three Michelin stars, a four star rating from the New York Times and the number 10 spot on the World's 50 Best Restaurant list, it's safe to say chef Daniel Humm and manager Will Guidara have got the key to success, but somehow they are still not content.

An Event Space To Die For

For those looking for a different kind of event space, one that puts you in the open air of Manhattan, surrounded by a bustling neighborhood, say, the East Village, then the trustees of the New York Marble Cemetery should be on your call list.

In an effort to fund much needed restorations, the cemetery, which was built in 1830, and at the time was at the city’s northern perimeter, has hosted a slew of events ranging from weddings, film and television settings, and even ballet recitals.

While the last burial was in 1937, Caroline S. DuBois, one of the trustees, told the New York Times they were looking for ways “we could make the cemetery pay for itself.” The cemetery is, however, subject to the perils of New York City. Peter Van C. Luquer, a former trustee says he used to find hypodermic needs in the grass and used condoms and underwear in the trees.

But don’t let your imagination wander off in the dark depths of a Stefon Zolesky inspired party dream just yet, they don’t allow just anyone in!

Drink on a Stoop, Get the Boot (and a Summons)

Outdoor drinking is a common practice in the summer. The only teeny problem with this trend is the obscurity of the law surrounding it. On July 4th, Andrew Rausa and his friends discovered this the hard way.

While enjoying their outdoor evening with casual beers on a brownstone stoop, the group was approached by two police officers who informed them that they were breaking the law.

The small group was situated behind the gate of the brownstone, causing Rausa, a law student, uneasiness over the proposed violation. Acting quickly, he used his iPhone to retrieve the New York administrative code, which defines a public place as one “to which the public or a substantial group of persons has access, including, but not limited to,” a park, sidewalk or beach. After showing this to the police officer on the spot, Rausa reported to The New York Times that the officer’s reply was simply “I don’t care what the law says, you’re getting a summons.”

Calling All Vegans: The Seed Festival is Almost Here

The Seed: A Vegan Experience, is a two day vegan exploration that will get your plant based taste buds going with samples from New York's famed vegan restaurants.

The event welcomes vegan-curious, vegan-skeptical, and vegan choir to explore what veganism has to offer today. Their mission is to enlighten people about the countless benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and will highlight the plethora of new products that are making veganism a convenient and compassionate way of living, all while benefiting Mercy For Animals and our work to protect farmed animals.

Nerd Tracker: Where To Go For Internet Week

Nerd alert! On the internet there are tons of cat pictures, but in real life, we have Internet Week. Since 2008, Internet Week began as a City wide celebration of the digital community which includes nearly 200 events from May 14-17. Industry insiders and innovators convene at different locations through out the city at web-focused events to discuss the current trends, history and future of the World Wide Web. Check out these featured events and you might learn something!

Brides Drop Pre-Wedding Weight By Eating Through a Feeding Tube

Here's a disturbing story for a Monday:

The usually chirpy Vows section of the New York Times ran an alarming story yesterday about the lengths some weight-obsessed brides are taking to slim down before their big days. According to the paper, a Florida-based doctor is now offering the "K-E diet," a procedure that hooks up patients to nostril-inserted feeding tubes. The wearers will then subsist on an 800 calorie-per-day diet for 10 days with all nutrition coming from the nose piece. What's more? The tube stays in for 10 full days. But who needs to be bothered with food when you've got table assignments on the brain?

This probably goes without saying, but it seems pretty clear who the biggest losers are in this situation.

NYT Names Pete Wells New Restaurant Critic

It's official: Pete Wells is the new restaurant critic for the New York Times. Susan Edgerley, former Editor of the Metropolitan and Career Development sections, will take over Wells' previous post as Dining Editor. The first official review from Wells will hit newsstands in the new year.

Wells, who is picking up the fork that last belonged to Sam Sifton, has been running the Dining section for the past 5 years. Before working for the "Gray Lady", he spent time at Food & Wine and Details.

Per Se Named Best Restaurant in NYC

For a certain brand of food industry professionals and heavily interested gourmands, today was all about guessing and odds. As promised, Sam Sifton (the now former restaurant critic for The New York Times and arguably the most powerful man in the food world) marked his final column for the paper by announcing Per Se as his choice for the top restaurant in New York. Please take a moment to allow the staff at Eleven Madison Park and Daniel to quietly weep.

So what makes a dining experience the single greatest one you can find in NYC? According to Sifton, quite a lot. "No restaurant in New York City does a better job than Per Se of making personal and revelatory the process of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on food and drink," says the critic. And, yes, you might want to note those hundreds of dollars before clamoring for a reservation. The menu is fixed at $295 (yes, before any wine or other cocktails, which could easily double the tab). But, at least in Sifton's view, the dining experience is so fine that the hefty price tag delivers the necessary goods to back it up.

New York Observer's '50 Media Power Bachelors'

Hey Ladies (and gentlemen?), contrary to popular belief, there are still single eligible men left. Well, at least according to New York Observer ,who released their '2011 50 Media Power Bachelors' list a couple days ago. If you're like me and you have a predisposition for loving nerds, you will dig this list. It includes well-knowns like Anderson Cooper, Shepard Smith, and the extremely drool-worthy "Brad Pitt of Media," Pete Cashmore of The Mashable. (Who would be my #1 stalking choice if I was still single.) Honorable mentions go to lesser-known cutie patooties, Jeff Bercovici (Forbes), Tyler Hicks (NYT), and Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch).