Taste in Translation with Aarti Sequeira

You probably remember Aarti Sequeira from Seaon 6 of the Food Network's Next Food Network Star, where she won gold and got her own TV show. Now, the famed chef is starting a brand new program on the Cooking Channel, which airs each Friday at 9pm, called Taste in Translation. On her new show, Aarti explores the most popular dishes from around the world, as well as the history and culture behind them. From Thailand to the United States, Aarti gives viewers the chance to discover new flavors and recipes from coast to coast. We got to chat with Aarti all about her new show and some of her favorite dishes she got to try while filming.

Just Your Average Guy

Guy Fieri is that guy in the parking lot who pulls up with battery cables when you’re stuck and you can’t start your car. He’s the one taking “rare or well-done?” requests while flipping burgers on the grill at the annual block party. And while the adults at the party are sitting around drinking cocktails and gossiping, he’s the one playing last rounds of Duck Duck Goose with all of the kids in the pool. And then petting the dogs and feeding them scraps. But here’s the irony:

This is the very same Guy (pun intended) who is now larger than life on your TV screen, with his iconic, spiked Ziggy Stardust-esque hair (think a young David Bowie), tattoos and mega bling. And while he maintains the same non-pretentious vibe, he pulls off true blue stardom without a glitch, hosting a couple of very popular Food Network television shows (Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives; Guy's Big Bite) with yet another one on the way (the second season of Ultimate Recipe Showdown), has authored a bunch of cookbooks (including a new cookbook/memoir, Guy Fieri Food (William Morrow) and he even has his own popular game show (NBC’s Minute to Win It).