A Beautiful Burglar Gives Stolen Money From Nicky Hilton's Ex to Charity

Although it's an anecdote that your parents have probably told you countless times, "Money doesn't buy you happiness" is often easier said than done. But if you need anymore reassurance that your parents were right, just ask Renata Shamrakova. The Ukranian bombshell went shopping with hedge fund baron, Todd Meister's credit card and found herself in court with nearly $1 million in restitution money to pay off. With a charitable new plan to help pay back her debt and redefine her image though, Shamrakova is also making a damn good example of how to get yourself out of a tight spot.

Renata Shamrakova was originally Mr. Meister's personal assistant before her unwarranted shopping spree brought their involvement to an end in 2012. As a result, she has just started a new crowdsourcing campaign on Gofundme.com to help pay back her restitution money within the next few months. For every $1,000 she recieves, Shamrakova also promised to complete 10 hours of "community service," helping "women who have been verbally/physically abused get back on their feet and on the road to a better life." Shamrakova defends her unusual appeal by saying that "I expect to gain some much needed perspective from this experience. In the hopes of a change in karma, I look forward to getting my hands dirty and making a difference." If she is not able to pay off her restitution by December 2013, Shamrakova will be facing up to three years in prison.

On her website, Renata pleads to the public, asking them to understand the bizarre circumstances that led to her arrest. Although she does not seek pity for the mistakes she has made concerning this case, she does ask the public to reaccess how her character has been portrayed in lew of what she calls the "media blitz" surrounding her trial. Unbeknownst to the public, Renata describes her experience dealing with Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (also known as POTS). This condition can cause a dangerous fluctuation in heart rate every time a person suffering from the disease shifts their posture. In the first two years she spent dealing with POTS, Renata says that she was hospitalized 40 times and had "a lengthy time period connected to a heart monitor daily." She also describes separating from her husband and "high-school sweetheart" during the time that directly preceded her trial in 2012.

Russian Doll: Interview with Svetlana Rakhman

Currently starring on Lifetime’s latest reality series "Russian Dolls," Svetlana Rakhman displays the true essence of Russian heritage; living a life that is defined by her family values, and a strong work ethic.

Now that the season has finished filming, Svetlana has been spending her downtime working on an exciting new Russian inspired jewelry line, RUSSIAN DOLLS by Svetlana.

This collection brings a new meaning to the word trend. Combining her passion for Russian history and jewelry, the longtime business-woman turned designer has created a modern interpretation of the Russian nesting doll, that can be worn by any generation. A Russian Dolls by Svetlana set consists of a trio of nested dolls and a matching silver chain. This versatile collection comes as a trio, so you have the option to wear the pendants all together, or separately on the silver chain. Accessories most definitely make any look ‘pop’ and add special interest to our ensembles that allow us to stand-out from the crowd. Russian Dolls by Sveltana is a wonderful jewelry collection that is just as unique as it is beautiful. All of the pieces are handmade, sterling silver, with sparkling diamond eyes and a gorgeous gem-stone belly. A spectacular locket for you to cherish and is unlike any other jewelry locket I have ever seen. Each design is precious and truly special. Sveta, Casha, & baby Natasha represent a signature of nested trio locket dolls, on a matching silver chain. These can be worn as a nested trio or separately.

Fashion's Night Out with Nicky Hilton

Calling all fashionistas to flock to the Big Drop for the the launch of Nicky Hilton's new collection, Nicholai. In honor of Fashion Week, Nicky will be showcasing her new line and helping attendees personally with selecting stylish looks for her line. Purchase one of her cool knick knacks and receive a free gift!

Don't sweat it if you need a little liquid courage to get the guts to talk to this celeb -- there will be savory cocktails, as well as drinks provided by Vitamin Water. Tune out the rampaging crowd with sounds from model Jordan Postrel.

Celebrity Studded Night at the Opening of Lavo

Lance Bass, Tinsley Mortimer, Olivia Palmero, Kelly Bensimon, Julie Henderson, Russel Simmons, Ciara, Swizz Beats, and Nicky Hilton were among the red carpet guests at the grand opening of Lavo on The Upper East Side. And, it's complete with a dance floor. What could be better? It seems that New York nightlife has a new superstar straight out of the Vegas desert.

A Full House For Fashion's Night Out

Soon after Valentino opened its doors for Fashion’s Night Out 2010, celebrities and socialites eagerly entered the Madison Avenue boutique to admire the magnificent shoes and clothing. As guests moved from room to room, their senses were consumed by Valentino’s current collection. The shoes could be considered works of art and the gowns invoked visions of Cinderella’s grand dress when she met Prince Charming.

As the night progressed, such A-list celebrities as Nicky Hilton and Courtney Love mingled with other guests and socialites. During this memorable event, Valentino also hosted a celebrity poker tournament. Such celebrities as Molly Sims, Kate Walsh, Devon Aoki, Richard Johnson, and Carlos Souza exhibited their card playing skills for various charities. In-between admiring the different collections, guests surrounded the poker table throughout the night.

Jimmy Choo for Ugg's. First Look: Thanks to Nicky Hilton

When UGG Australia announced its collaboration with the celebrity run-to footwear company, Jimmy Choo, we envisioned: something comfy (maybe with a heel), as an Ugg boot should be. Something affordable, like the Jimmy Choo/H&M capsule and, at the least, something refreshingly classic, without losing both brand identities. Think the Jimmy Choo/Hunter rainboots.

However, we’ve missed out on all that we’ve banked on, as the newly launched shoes are written off as a starry disgrace to the in-crowd and landing on the feet of Nicky Hilton and tweens everywhere.

The first look: an all-black cushion bedazzled in miniature white stars - catching the attention of famed Hilton sister, Nicky. She tweeted about her "purchase" last week:

Celebrities Shop, With MTV's Credit Card

Before the celebrities piled onto the red carpet for Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards, they were first treated to some shopping, for free! Beverly Hills was the location for the MTV Style Lounge where gift suites were set up fro celebrities to browse and shop through without spending a penny! Guests included Kritin Cavallari, Joe Jonas, Lindsay Lohan, Nicky Hilton, Adrien Brody, and “Entourage” stars Emmanuelle Chriqui and Kevin Dillon. Here are some pictures of the event!

Post-Break-up Paris Goes to Rehab, Celebrates Vanity

Paris isn't letting the dissolution of her 14-month relationship with Doug Reinhardt get her down. This is the second time we've seen the heiress in Las Vegas in the past few weeks.

It was during her last trip here that the rumors regarding Paris' supposed relationship with Kim Kardashian's ex Reggie Bush surfaced. The two both were at two Vegas birthday parties that weekend for Mark Sudach and Jason Strauss where they apparently shared champagne and more But eye-witness Robin Leach assures that the couple didn't even speak to each other, and I'd believe Robin if he told me Johnny Weir was straight. That's how reliable he is.